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How Social Services are paid Bonuses to Snatch Babies for Adoption

As I am trying to help parents getting their children back, mainly by exposing their stories through publicity online, I have just discovered these Daily Mail articles by Sue Reid: 31 Jan 2008: How social services are paid bonuses to … Continue reading

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Say it in 1 min 20 secs: Social Services, Family Court Judges, CAFCASS conspire in abducting our children

A nice little video composed of a number of stills with the right messages and the right images: We Want Our Stolen Children back NOW! The Time has come for the Citizens of the UK to Unite against this Oppression … Continue reading

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Council pays £1m damages for ‘shocking’ child abuse failings

Essex Council has paid damages of almost £1m to four siblings it failed to protect from abuse. This article was brought to my attention by Natasha Phillips who publishes Researching Reform in an admirable form – in close collaboration with … Continue reading

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Respecting the Contempt of Court Act 1981 in the Age of the Internet

Live and learn – as a German / Slavic web publisher – about the UK legal system… I’ve just set six of my blog posts to ‘draft’, for I’ve been advised what ‘the system’ might do, if I didn’t. In … Continue reading

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How Judges trample on the rights of children: nearly 900 a month are being snatched!

How judges trample on the rights of children – by Ian Josephs, former Councillor in Kent who publishes Forced Adoption It is not often that we hear a great truth being uttered on the Today programme, any more than we … Continue reading

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Forced Adoption and Total Secrecy in the Family Courts – an Edge Media Video

This video is the first of an excellent 2-hour interview by Theo Chalmers [Edge Media TV] of John Hemming MP. He has a lot experience with some 1,500 cases on file of Justice for Families and explains how the system … Continue reading

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The Tragedies of Cornel Brown & Nicola Thatcher – video on children abused by Social Workers

This video was produced by Bill Maloney who is a survivor of abuse and turned into an absolute starfighter to promote the issues as presented on a T-shirt: Stop Child Abuse by the Government I am against Child Abuse Open … Continue reading

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