Forced Adoption and Total Secrecy in the Family Courts – an Edge Media Video

This video is the first of an excellent 2-hour interview by Theo Chalmers [Edge Media TV] of John Hemming MP. He has a lot experience with some 1,500 cases on file of Justice for Families and explains how the system works and fails.

He argues that there are too many cases when the system

  • intervenes when it shouldn’t
  • should intervene, but fails.

He also argues

  • that there are some 8-10% cases of ‘disrupted’ or ‘failed’ adoptions’ where adoptive parents can’t cope – within the same local council
  • being returned to other councils or children going back into care are, however, some 25-30%
  • and that there is a real pressure from OFSTED for doing the wrong thing: to adopt children.

And he describes

  • how foster carers and foster agencies get paid
  • that children are abused in foster care but are being silenced
  • that children are taken from their mothers when they shouldn’t be
  • the system forces social workers into making wrong decisions.

He also talks about Phil Thompson whose three great grand children have been taken by Walsall Council – without any reason given whatsoever:

  • the court lost the files
  • CAFCASS loses the files
  • the solicitor pretends to act for the parents but loses the case.

Video 2

  • there is big money to be made in this

Video 3

  • children get adopted because mum was abused

Video 4

Video 5

  • 150 – 200 times a year ‘mental capacity’ is the reason for taking children
  • you’re up against an impossible force
  • it’s corrupt because there are too many conflicts of interest

Video 6

  • it’s like the Stasi
  • it’s actually quite shocking
  • Fran Lyons’ case

Video 7

  • “single expert” problem
  • social workers don’t worry about the law

Video 8

  • shaking baby syndrome
  • medical evidence of child abuse

Video 9

  • “protection order”
  • there should be extra scrutiny
  • the system is not very good for children who want to get back to their parents
  • bad practice because of the government’s pressure to hit targets

Video 10

  • forced adoptions are like a bereavement
  • a war between the professionals and the parents and grandparents and very agressive culture
  • one third of the adopted children said “they did not want to lose their original parents”
  • we in this country create problems, partly of our desire to punish people
  • the system is not supportive
  • not enough research about how many people end up back in care and the CONSEQUENCES of their actions

Video 11

  • there should be “Family Group Conferences” before courts – so that grandparents have a chance
  • the Government turns a blind eye
  • the Government wrote to all Local Authorities NOT to tell John Hemming MP how many children died of abuse or neglect – whether in care or not

Video 12

  • in theory there are checks and balances, in general people don’t get the judgements
  • judges and solicitors prevent people from challenging their decision
  • people on benefit easier prey to get their children snatched
  • social workers come to me who DON’T WANT TO DO IT

Video 13

  • we allow the system to continue going haywire and messing people up
  • the children end up completely messed up
  • we have a failing system.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem:
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14 Responses to Forced Adoption and Total Secrecy in the Family Courts – an Edge Media Video

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  3. Nebuchadnezzar was full of himself! He did not any body above him in his own time.He did not give God the glory for lifting him from the sand dust, became some thing in life. He admire the wall of the mansion God help him to built. He refused to give God the glory, knowing no man can share God glory in which ever way. Well congratulation Haringey council, God has given you the opportunity to test power and position, but you refused to acknowledge His Lordship over your lives. Please let us not reach to a level that we will bring GOD rod upon our lives. The Bible say do not ill treat a stranger in the foreign land. Whatever this family are going through, God is watching you. I would like to appeal to you in the Name of Jesus Christ kindly release this family to back to Nigeria. Since there is no any genuine conviction of crime this family committed. Remember the law of harvest it is not a curse but that is fact!! It can also happened to your future generation. Thank you very much for your understanding.

    In the Master Service,
    Samuel Macson

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  6. These people should be given their children back and allowed TO GO HOME! cheeeezzzz louise, can’t anyone see that things are out of control in this world and individuals need to be given some consideration over government agencies… What is it with these organizations, the more people you have involved in something like this the stupider they get? I WANT ALL MOTHERS WHO WANT THEIR CHILDREN BACK HOME TO HAVE THEM BY MOTHERS DAY, OR PLEASE JOIN ME IN A WORLDWIDE PROTEST TO BRING CHILDREN HOME EVERYWHERE, AND GIVE THEM BACK TO THEIR MOMMIES!

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  10. Emma M says:

    Please please can someone who has genuine knowledge of fighting against/stopping forced adoption, either reading this or whom has complied this site – please please contact me!!

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