How Social Services are paid Bonuses to Snatch Babies for Adoption

As I am trying to help parents getting their children back, mainly by exposing their stories through publicity online, I have just discovered these Daily Mail articles by Sue Reid:

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem:
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12 Responses to How Social Services are paid Bonuses to Snatch Babies for Adoption

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  2. Samuel Macdallys says:

    I am overwhelm with the activities of the social workers in UK, when i watch snap of the video. I must congratulate you people for good job. But please i would like to advice to take care of the motherless and not the ones that have their full parents and they well to do. God will sure bless you people as you are doing it in the right way. Please i appeal once again for the sake of God, kindly send the Musa and their six children back to Nigeria please!! God recognized the good work of the Hebrews women because they fear God and refused to do evil, and He built houses for them. I believe you will do the same also. Whatever you need in this world if you fear God your creator and avoid evil surely God will surprise greatly.
    Samuel Macd

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  10. Anonymous says:

    My daughter who has four children under seven were taken from her and her partner earlier this year as there grandmother I’m applaud at what lies they have come out with they say my daughter never done anything for her children that they were dirty unfed and always had fleas and that her partner done everything which is not true they now have brained washed my seven year old granddaughter in to saying that the other grandfather has done sexual things to her.we all miss them terribly.and my daughter has said she has no life without her children they are her life and without them she could end her life I’m absolutely worried and going out oof my mind with worry.there was a court case this week and the trainee social worker lied her way through the court case and the guardian just repeated everything the social worker had said and they picked on my daughter and reduced her tears that she just ran out in a panic x services never offered my daughter help with parenting skills or to be put in a mother x baby home so that she could learn not that she needs it.all they offered was a mother x toddler group which she went to but everyone ignored her so she went back home in tears they have bent over backwards to please social services like doing school tests which is.a means test to see if they are all threre in the mind.but now they are puttiing my four beautiful grandchildren up for a adoption and I would like any sort of advice to get this stopped they are only doing this to make up the numbers that’s all little children are to husband and I are at our wits end so can you please help us.we have not seen our grandchildren since last Xmas because my husband has got throat x neck cancer and his been to hell and back this year which made it impossible to see our grandchildren and social services said we cannot see our grandchildren because we have no please please can you help us get our grankids back.

  11. I feel for u as I am going through the same with my sons kids SS don’t care no matter what u do there is one person his name is IAN JOSEPHS forced adoption go on his web site I’m sure he will help u his in France 🇫🇷 ring asap he is very nice man he will ring u back
    I’ve got no trust in this sistem family court don’t help Mom an dad they help SS so bear in mind don’t go thing that ur pun government will help u because they won’t
    O yes in one way they will help u is take ur beloved kids away from u forever I Really feel ur pain as grand ma I hope u get ur baby’s back not like me thinking how r the kids what r they doing who they r these people could b any one I will pray for u 🙏🏻☹️🙁

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