In prison since 28th November 2011 and Robert Green since Friday 17 Feb

What is worse: when innocent parents are imprisoned or when courageous and passionate supporters of innocent victims of child abuse are imprisoned?

  • the Musas have had one court hearing after the other delayed
  • they have been ‘produced’ to the wrong court
  • they have not been produced
  • McKenzie Friends are not being given legal visits to take documents in and out
  • they are not allowed to telephone each other and are given other limitations on whom to call, if at all
  • mail does not get delivered to them
  • clothes have been attempted to be delivered dozens of times, but they are never on the list, despite numerous applications.

In other words, instead of being treated as ‘guests’, as they are on remand, they are being treated as if they were convicted criminals.

Not having legal representation in their civil case, means they have to make do with McKenzie Friends. Meanwhile, their lawyers in the criminal case don’t succeed in getting them bail…

To illustrate the viciousness of what we are up against, Robert Green who has been exposing 22 paedophile abusers of Hollie Greig, a young woman with Down Syndrome, was imprisoned for 9 months of ‘breach of the peace’ and 3 months of breaching bail conditions.

There are a lot of people who do not like this injustice!!! Join the world wide protest against child abuse on 6th March!

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem:
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8 Responses to In prison since 28th November 2011 and Robert Green since Friday 17 Feb

  1. butlincat says:

    They are NOT being treated as convicted prisoners should be. For a start, convicted prisoners get mail in and out, money is allocated to them in a comparitevely short space of time as compared to the Musas position at present, and so on..

    They are treated much WORSE and nowhere near how convicted prisoners are treated. I am told a prison warder has been sacked for aiding one of the Musas, as a great majority of the prison staff even say they shouldnt be there in prison as they arent criminals.

    It is Haringey alone who are keeping them imprisoned, as in no way can they allow the public to know their shocking crimes theyve committed against these 6 children and their loving parents. The abhorrent foster care parents and their handlers I am told have even made the children wear spectacles when there was nothing wrong with their eyesight in the 1st place, and keep your eyes peeled on the adoption sites for pics of the Musa children under assumed names, being prostituted as children ripe for fostering, as the adoption processes for the Musa children have apparently begun.

    Under British law adoption procedures cannot take place if any child is still under the jurisdiction of his/her parents, and there are 6 children in this family who fit this criteria exactly. To advertise these children of sites, especially under fake names or start adoption procedures is a blatant crime in this case which must be investigated thoroughly and properly by honest parties.

    The public are now being made aware of what is going on in the secret courts and the crimes committed by ruthless council social workers and connected and that is why mass demonstrations are beginning to happen – the system has broken down, and the criminals within it must be brought to book, and innocent children must be returned to their proper homes with their true parents who often have done no wrong whatsoever, as the Musas havent..

    Haringey council must be investigated properly and thoroughly, as must their appalling legal employees involved in this case.

    The Solicitors Regulation Authority refuse to do anything about the rogue “guardian solicitor” and her higher-up for the Musa children, after official complaints were sent in 3 times about their appalling professional ethics, which allowed the eldest daughter Favour not to be seen by anybody connected to the family for over 18 months since she complained of being sexually abused by a member of the foster family she was placed with, sadly.

    The Legal Ombudsman, who must take responsibility for the SRA’s actions have completely shirked their responsibilities and actually told me “not to write again” about my notifying them of criminal behaviour by this “guardian solicitor” and the SRA’s refusal to deal with it.

    The Ombudsman also told me their department was “closed” to me, which is illegal too when reporting such atrocities as have happened. This is disgraceful, and is part of the overall conspiracy to pervert the course of justice perpetrated by Haringey council employees. certain rogue members of the judiciary, the same in Highgate / Hornsey / Tottenham police, and many others connected to this shocking Musa case.

    It is disgraceful how they all get away with it by defending each others crimes and completely ignoring the blatant wrongdoing, and the MPs and Chief Constables to absolutely nothing either when told about it all.

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  5. samuel mac says:

    Haringey Council, I am writing this request on the behalf of the Musa family. I am nobody than just a messenger of God that preach the gospel to every creator of God have lives. Since we fail to understand and to be convicted of the Musa crimes please kindly release them for the sake of God who created all of us. I believe nobody is a saint, all of us sin against God and come short of His glory. Please have mercy on them for the sake of God created you, give you life, you breathing and eating well. Nobody knows tomorrow only God. I plead for mercy and fear of God upon you all!! Thank you.
    Samuel Mac

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  7. matthias sunday says:

    Is there any human being in haringey coucil? Are they all animals? Why cant they see the light and eat humble pie today? Admit your errors and release the Musas today? They are innocent. Return their six lovely children to them and send them to Nigeria and let this case be closed for ever

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