Innocent parents ‘to lose more children’ and other mainstream media links

What a relief to see more and more articles in newspapers! Thanks to the mother who was featured as ‘Katherine Simmonds’ in the Channel IV programme How competent are expert witnesses?, here is a great list of links:

Do expert witnesses harm family court cases? 30th April 2012 (film and article)

‘He’, ‘she’ – it’s all the same to the family ‘expert’, 28th April 2012

‘I never saw him observing parents with children’: The woman who said she was forced to take babies from their mothers by the ‘expert’ who played God, 27th April 2012

Social workers in Baby P borough failed to save children from ‘chronic neglect’, report finds, 27th April 2012

Grandparents ‘should be allowed to adopt’, 22nd April 2012

Innocent parents ‘to lose more children’, 22nd April 2012

In family courts, ‘experts’ are paid to get it horribly wrong, 21st April 2012

Dubious ‘experts’ are paid to tear families apart, 17th April 2012

Children stolen by the state needlessy, causing utter misery in one of Britain’s most disturbing scandals, 14th April 2012

The expert who played God… and the real-life Big Brother house where he tore families apart with bizarre tasks to test if parents were fit to keep their children, 13th April 2012

Baby P case leads to surge in applications to remove children, 12th April 2012

You’ve suffered ‘care’, so you lose your child, 7th April 2012

‘Expert’ doctor took away my baby because I was trying to be a good mother, 6th April 2012

The doctor who took my baby away, 1st April 2012

Family’s anguish as they face third forced adoption, 1st April 2012

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1 Response to Innocent parents ‘to lose more children’ and other mainstream media links

  1. matthias sunday says:

    Dear Judge of the family court, I Mathias Sunday appeal to you in the name of God to grant bail for the release of Musa and Gloria. This couple are innocent. Their children were forcely taken away from them and on top they are now suffering indignity in the hands of Haringey council. Stand out for what is right. Stand for justice by releasing Musa and Gloria today. Dont let them stay one more day in prison because they dont deserve to be there. Release them and let them go back to their country with their children.The social workers know and they have confessed that they acted wrongly, they will suffered the shame of pains in the heart of hearts forever.

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