Child welfare scandal – Now boss is suspended! Precedence from Scotland?

Child welfare scandal

This article appeared in the Scottish edition of the Mail on Sunday on 3rd June 2012.

Clackmannanshire Council was accused of

  • ‘systemic failure’
  • ‘self-serving dishonesty’
  • and a ‘dereliction of statutory duty’.

The report into the department is expected to be ‘scathing’.

Another sheriff issued a damning assessment of the social workers, after a newborn baby had been taken from its parents. The sheriff concluded social workers had been guilty of 

  • self-serving dishonesty
  • highly discreditable disregard for the interests of youngsters
  • and a ‘dereliction of statutory duty’.

A Council insider said

It’s only through luck that we haven’t had a Baby P on our hands. The service stopped being about welfare and more about hiding mistakes.

A source said

Social workers were breaking up good families while other kids were left with parents when they shouldn’t have been.

That’s exactly what John Hemming MP who has over 1,600 cases on file keeps saying:

Social Services get involved when they shouldn’t and they don’t get involved when they should.

That the Musa case is about ‘hiding mistakes’ was already published by The Telegraph in December 2010:

A council whistleblower has said that, at a recent case conference, the social workers admitted that maybe they had made a mistake, and that the mother they had falsely accused was in fact devoted and blameless. But apparently, because of “press interest” in the case, the officials agreed that the council could not afford the very damaging publicity which might follow if the unhappy children were reunited with their parents. It was therefore vital that the council should continue to justify its actions.

The current trial in Court 5 of Wood Green Court in London is the biggest unbelievable attempt to paint the wrong picture of who is guilty and who is innocent.

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem:
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37 Responses to Child welfare scandal – Now boss is suspended! Precedence from Scotland?

  1. matthias sunday says:

    This trial is taking too long. Please discharge the MUSAS and release their children to them and send them back to Nigeria. How can a mother who want to kil her child be struggling with police who want to snatch her child from her. Stop all the lies and own up to your mistakes Haringey and release this innocent couple with their precious children and send them back to their country

  2. Blazon Cornwall says:

    I agree Matthias

  3. isawyousawme says:

    Sat June 9th 10am 01754874338

    Radio Television Newspaper Interview Requsted By Real people

    Parents for Justice Conference

    Child stealing by the state Conference

    Guest Speakers Mr John Hemmings MP Birminham Yardley

    Lucy Alan This morning itv Parent expert witness Debate

    Allison Stevens Website Pain Parents against Injustice Network

    Various Parents Speakers who have had their children stolen by social services

    We have many people from many areas ask if we have your person from your area location

    Birmingham And Midland Institute Margaret Street Birminham B33BS

    This is not a conference to discuss the “issues” and “concerns” with children, and to set out a way to “help reform the system”, as some MPs suggest.

    This is a conference to expose and bring to trial those helping the State to steal and abuse children. With the help of those attending, we will expose the real evidence for:

    Have you experienced any of the following:

    Children taken under false pretences?
    Bullying by Children’s Services, Cafcass, Local Authority?
    False verbal and documentary evidence in Court?
    Collusion behind your back by your Legal Team with the Local Authority legal team?
    MPs ignoring you and your plight? Child(ren) being abused in the ‘care’ of Children’s Services?
    Mental breakdown because of the attack on your family?
    Do you hold information and evidence concerning:

    State trafficking of children?
    Falsifying of Family Court Documents?
    Children disappearing into the care system?
    Police deliberately blocking investigations into child abuse rings?
    Misinformation by the BBC and mainstream media?
    False help and support groups, charities and people?
    Have you attended meetings in Westminster that ‘pat you on the head’ and achieve nothing? – then you need to attend and be an active participant in Blowing the Whistle – Child Stealing by the State.

    We need you and your evidence. We need you in numbers, because the State hides the evidence by isolating victims or controlling the support organisations to whom you turn. By making out that only a few isolated families are affected the State can control national media to hide the truth.

    Andrew Peacher

    Press Officer

    01754 874 338

    0782 7731060


    Lincs July/September Date to be confirmed

  4. matthias sunday says:

    3 weeks is already in this trial. No injustice will be tolerated in this case. This innocent couple must be RELEASED and all their children released unto them. A woman who has given birth to seven children will NEVER do any violence to any of her child. The social workers committed error by forcibly taken away these children from their bonafide parent. Please let the close ones and for all by releasing the this couple from prison and releasing all their children to them.

  5. Blazon Cornwall says:

    What is baffling me is the deadly silence, the journalists not reporting this story, the fear of the judges, and judges that are going along with all of this. One asks, where is honesty, integrity…how is it possible something like this could happen here in the UK? I guess Missionaries from Nigeria came here, believing this was a safe haven for Christian ministers, but clearly this is not the case.

    Someone read Rev Stephen Green’s article and John Mckenna wrote: ‘I went to Nigerian church in Manchester for quite some time beautiful people,. the young people were amazingly polite and had a deep and developed faith . I miss the friends i made there . I want to check the facts of this case and possibly offer my support in some way if possible.’

    Let’s pray more and more will read about this case, and like John Mckenna, this will want to check the facts of the perhaps offer their support.

    I read this yesterday:

  6. matthias sunday says:

    Millions of people are waitng with eargerly to hear how this Musas case is going. Why are not hearing anything about this case. We are far from Europe, yet we are waiting to hear the latest news. Are the Musas still been taken back to prison? How is their condition. Oh My God this couple are innocent. Lord sent mercy. Touch the hearts of the juries and judges not to be partial to be honest and release this innocent couple and release their seven children back to them and send them home to Nigeria

    • Blazon Cornwall says:

      Dear Matthias, there is a deathly silence. I am in the South West of England, a 4-5 hour train journey to London, so I am reliant on hearing from other people what is happening. See how this is all being hushed up, under wraps so to speak, so the ordinary public don’t know what’s going on. Even those in authority in Nigeria have forsaken them.

      I have been reading the stories of Joseph son of Jacob, and Moses who was taken from his loving family. Out of these tragic stories good came. People like us know they are innocent.

      The only Christian ministry that has reported on this story is Christian Voice, and Rev Stephen Green wrote the article. It reminds me of these Dictatorships, where leaders do what they want, and the people have no say. Those who want to protest are imprisoned. Who would think something like this was going on in the UK?

      My only comfort is knowing the LORD Himself has not forsaken the Musas. Right now we can’t see with our physical eyes what the LORD is doing, but we can trust in His Word and know He will bring the Musas through this. I have been listening to Psalms and Proverbs on the audio bible on-line, and the LORD says clearly how He deals with those who give false witness, those who lies, plot evil against the innocent. There’s is the Lake of Fire if they do not turn from their wicked ways and repent.

      I am deeply ashamed of my own country. I never thought we could steep so low as to commit such acts of wickedness against Christian Missionaries. We are an utter disgrace as a nation and we deserve every judgement the LORD wants to bring against us. I just pray and pray over and over for the Musas, and my trust is in the Lord. My children are half African and when I look at the Musa children, I think of my own two children who are grown up now. I have the photographs of them when they were just little like the Musa kids. These children are all delightful, like their parents, and I know in my heart the LORD will hear our prayers.

    • Dear Matthias

      I am very sorry not to be able to report more on the case.

      The tragedy is that the judge is following the directive of his senior colleague Sir Nicholas Wall and tried to apply the secrecy rules of family courts to this open criminal court.

      The person who goes there every day feels too intimidated to report details.

      The only thing that matters at this point is that the legal team is helped and informed. For in the end, it’s the jury that has to find the Musas guilty or not guilty.

      That is expected to take place in some two weeks or so. For the moment, Haringey Council are still producing one prosecution witness after another. Soon the defence witnesses will begin.

      Yes, unfortunately, the parents are still kept in prison.

      The children’s foster situation has not changed. But they were MOST VISIBLY coached / brainwashed to make statements AGAINST their parents.

      It is completely unbelievable what those criminals get up to.

      Sighs. And hopes. For I just produced a document illustrating why the Musa case is the worst of all child snatching cases for the legal team.

      But I hesitate to publish it at this point.

  7. It must be truly heartbreaking to hear the voices of your own dear children speak against you, when you know all you have ever done is love them and want the best for them. I know if that were me in Court, and my son and daughter were broadcast on a video link speaking against me, I would know no relief from my pain. I suppose this is how our dear Jesus must feel when His dear children speak against Him, and all He has ever done is good for us?

    We know who the real guilty ones are…those who instigated this whole act of wickedness against the Musa family in the first place. What a hard test and trial they are going through! There is Only One who can rescue them from this evil, and we know who that is don’t we?

    The Church in the UK holds its silence, why? It’s obvious…they are as guilty as sin; a lukewarm Church, that pays lip service to the Lord, whilst Christian Missionaries from Nigeria lay in agony in prison. I feel no mercy for this lukewarm Church, and I don’t feel the Lord does either. I was listening to Ezekiel 8 on the audio bible yesterday, and it’s pretty scary what the Lord has planned for evildoers. Have a read.

    Meanwhile, Lord…we pray for the Musas and we ask You to intervene in to this situation and bring about justice. Restore the children to their parents and let them get on with their lives. In Jesus name. Amen.

  8. matthias sunday says:

    Blazon, Sabine, Jackey. We are in this pain together with the Musas. Lets continue to ask for mercy for the nation which torture and kill missionaries. We hope a revival will break out in the UK after the whole of this drama. How can this parents bear the pains of seeing the children they love saying all this rubbish they are coached to say? Pains, pains, pains that cut so deep. I know the Musas. I have stayed in the same room with both Musa and Gloria. We have eat together and prayed together when they were free when the children was just taken from them. It has just been announced in NIGERIA that no new High Commissioner will be posted to the UK, the old one there will continue in the next four years. I wish a new person who will show concern in this case will come to UK. Any way God IS CONCERNED. Something tells me there will be light at the end of the tunnel and we shall soon sing a new song and rejoice with the Musas. I will there to assist them to write their story.

    • Send them your wishes by using Email a Prisoner, Matthias. It’ll do them good in these last weeks in Court! Find the details under Support Now.

    • I agree with what you have written here Pastor Matt. The Lord sees all. I don’t know why our precious Lord has permitted these two wonderful parents and their children to go through such a huge suffering, something that seems almost too much.

      It would be too much for me to bear for sure. The Lord is their strength, and I know if we pray we will see mighty things happening – miracles! This is not the end of their ministry, it is the Beginning! I recently watched the Ten Commandments movie again, and I just watched the actor who played Moses reaction when he was reunited with his mother, the one he had been separated from at birth. None can break that spiritual bond.

      Do you love Romans chapter 8 Pastor Matt? I do. Remember the Apostle when he was so broken, and in other letters he lists all the things he suffered, and then we hear him break into great praise! Tears! Yes, they will all praise again one day! Like you said Pastor Matt, tears in the evening and joy in the morning! Lord, hear our prayers now and let Your Spirit descend upon each member of the Musa family; little baby too! Let their ears, eyes and heart experience You! Let all Heaven give attention to this family and drive back the ones who accuse them. Amen.

  9. matthias sunday says:

    Dear bishop Gloria,
    For a long time I have not heard your voice especially how we used to laugh together over the challenges. In any case we shall soon be speaking again. Just few days away you shall be free. Believe it, savour it, think it and start to pack your things. What’s more you will soon be rejoined with all the children, especially queen Elizabeth. It shall come pass. It will happen, I tell you. It cannot be stopped and it would not be long. I want you to start praising God. Gloria, I tell you DONT CRY AGAIN. Common, girl, stop the weeping. I say you are victorious. History is in the making. You will tell you story. You will have a story to encourage others who are going through so much pains as you have just being through in different ways. Gloria start singing because the pains will soon be behind you. It is just a passage of events. When you look back you will thank God for taking you through all this. Dont ask why me, just start to thank Him NOW.I will write to you again

    • AMEN!!!!!!!! I agree with these words of encouragement. The Holy Spirit is your Helper Bishop Gloria and these people can’t keep you down. There is all those who have gone before us, the Great Crowd of Witnesses who are before the Throne with Jesus, and He is our Great High Priest.

    • This is your 34th comment, Matthias, WordPress tells me!

      So I sent it to Gloria via Email a Prisoner.

      I’m sure it’ll help her!!!

  10. matthias sunday says:

    Dear Gloria,
    How are you feeling this morning? Wake up with a song on your lips. Triumph beacons. Believe it. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. We shall laugh again. Dont cry again, my girl. It shall be well. NOTE: You must continue to do bible study and win souls for JESUS right there in the prison. This your pastor, Matt

    • Amen Pastor Matt! and the Lord will take care of everything else. He knows the number of hairs upon our heads, and not a sparrow falls to the ground lest He knows about it. He will watch over our little ones, the way He watched over Moses whilst he was away from his mum. The Lord is our Enabler, our Strength, our Rock, and there is nothing He does not know about. All things are under His Sovereignty. I pray dear Bishop Gloria, as the Apostle John saw from his prison on Patmos, so you will see all that the Lord Jesus wants to reveal to you. I pray also for your husband Chiwar and for your children, may the Lord and all Heaven watch over you all, and may He bring to fruition all He has planned for your lives. As Pastor Matt has prayed, I pray also for the glory of the Lord to fill each one of you, for peace to flow like a River. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  11. matthias sunday says:

    I want to use this opportunity to appeal to the juries sitting on this Bishop Gloria and apostle Musa case. Summon the courage to do what is right. Have a human face. Consider that Gloria carried each of this children in her womb for nine month. She went through all the pains and safely gave birth to each of the girls and boys that Haringey and social workers are now coaching and brainwashing to speak against the woman who has the womb from which they came out. What a pity. Just for Gloria to CRY is enough to bring horrible calamities upon the head of all those who caused her so much pains. But we are crying to God for mercy for every one involved.
    Juries, I asked you to come to a unanimous decision and set Chiwar and Gloria free and decide that their children be released to them and give them ultimatum to go back to their country. This is the right thing to do. That is justice.
    Take the right decision and let us bring this worst case of children snatching to an end.
    Let justice prevail.
    pastor Matt

    • Pastor Matt, our Beloved Lord hears your cries for your dear beloved one Gloria and her family, all the way from Nigeria to here in the UK, I hear your cry and the Lord will tell you, I am moved to tears by your cry. I am bereft at the knowledge there are no visible born again Christians involved in this terrible situation. Rev Stephen Green wrote the article, but what else has happened? It’s like Gloria is like Joseph, languishing away in a prison for a crime she did not commit, and then there is her husband, and the children separated from her.

      As I have been listening to the story of Joseph son of Jacob on the audio bible, I’ve said: ‘Lord, what is this all about…I know nothing can happen to any of us, those who are part of Your Body, lest You grant permission. You granted permission for Job’s suffering…

      Did Gloria ever really grasp her ministry was saving nations? In her Mission Statement, this is what it says, and when I read it, I believed it and I still do. Will redemption come to the UK through Gloria’s ministry? Like the Ninevites, when Jonah preached, they recognized the Spirit of God on Him.

      I’ve told the Lord Jesus how grieved I am about the silence of Christians in my land regarding Gloria and her family. But can’t you see Pastor Matt, it’s like the Apostle Paul and his court situation. He wrote to Timothy saying the Christians had forsaken him, and they were supposed to give testimony at the court, but they cleared off like cowards. Gloria’s brethren have forsaken her, they are afraid of men and what men can do to you. But, remember in the Apostle Paul’s situation, and let you and I remember who stood beside Paul at the Court. You and I know who stood beside him, and we must believe now, Jesus stands besides Gloria and He ministers to her. You and I will agree on Earth and as Jesus said, I will agree in Heaven. Amen.

      • matthias sunday says:

        Thanks so much my wonderful sister Jackie for you love. I dearly love you. We will meet here on earth and finally we shall be together forever and ever in heaven. pastor Matt

        • I am sharing your prayers with other Christians I know around the world and we will see what the Lord will do. The Lord says the prayer of a righteous man availeth much. You must tell me what days your Church are going to fast for the Musas and I will join you in that fast? I know something happens when we join fasting with our prayers.

          Remember the Judge at the Apostle Paul’s trial? Jesus put His words in Paul’s mouth. Jesus is the same today as He was in Paul’s day, no difference. Remember Paul cataloged all the terrible things that happened to him, and then he said He thanked the Lord for all those sufferings. Oh……he was truly one awesome man of God. Out of this will come glory, you just feel it.

          Remember Paul and Silas praised the Lord in prison. Maybe when we fast and pray together for three days for the Musas, we will include times of praise to the Lord? I will check the time differences between our countries, and I will line up with you. I am home all day and all night, so it is easy for me to join you in this three day prayer and fasting.

          Lead us Lord in all of this. Give the Jury and the Judge, the solicitors and barristers, the witnesses dreams and visions from you. In Jesus Name, amen. We declare Jesus love over all those who hurt us, and we cry forgive all those who hurt us, have mercy upon those who speak evil of us,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we pray for them and pray You will reveal Yourself to them Jesus, and they will repent and serve You.

          Let the fear of God come upon the court. In Your judgement remember mercy. We are all sinners and I know both Bishop Gloria and Apostle Chiwar would ask us Christians to forgive always. Keep them strong in their faith, never doubting, never not believing in Your sovereignty. Bring to their remembrance Your words. Bring to the remembrance of the children Your words and stir their spirits…draw them close to You, and let Your angels watch over them, and watch over their parents. Amen.

  12. —–Original Message—–
    From: Maryal Boumann, California
    To:Jackie Holden
    Sent: Sat, 16 Jun 2012 21:50
    Subject: Re: Christians deny child cruelty charges

    This continues to be TRAGIC!!! And how do the parents know that the ones planning to adopt their children are kind and loving, or even Christian??? This truly is a TRAVESTY!
    I’m wondering if Pastor Matt couldn’t contact Pastors in the area where the Musas are, to rally support for them?
    “RAISE UP CHURCH, come stand with your Brethren and lift their arms during this battle for TRUTH and JUSTICE!!!”
    Love and big hugs to you, Warrior Princess!

    Maryal oxox

  13. I posted this on a Nigerian newspaper site where they were speaking about attacks against Christians:

    by Jackie | June 17, 2012 – 2:18pm New
    Nigerian Bishop Gloria Musa and her husband Joseph Chiwar Musa came to the UK as missionaries. Now the parents are imprisoned on false charges of child abuse, and their seven children have been fostered. The corrupt Council in Haringey in London want to adopt the children. There is a criminal trial going on now in a London court Nobody at the Nigerian Embassy in London cares about these Christian missionaries from Nigeria. I have tried to contact Nigerian Church leaders in London, but no one seems to care. Christians in the UK are lukewarm. I don’t think there is hardly any Christian rooting for the plight of the Musa family here in the UK!

  14. Something I wrote: on the 20 November 2011, 10:42:07 caught my eyes just now:

    Scriptures to encourage me and you
    ‎”Do not twist justice in legal matters by favoring the poor or being partial to the rich and powerful. Always judge people fairly. Leviticus 19:15
    Be impartial in your decisions. Listen to the least important people the same way you listen to the most important people. Never be afraid of anyone, since your decisions come from God. You may bring me any case that’s too hard for you, and I will hear it. Deuteronomy 1:17
    Fear the LORD and judge with integrity, for the LORD our God does not tolerate perverted justice, partiality, or the taking of bribes. 2 Chronicles 19:7
    The Spirit of the LORD speaks through me; his words are upon my tongue.
    2 Samuel 23:2
    For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. 2 Peter 1:21

  15. Joseph Chiwar Musa is an Apostle sent to the UK by the Lord, with his beloved wife Bishop Gloria Musa. They have seven beautiful children. The corrupt authorities at Haringey Council have brought false child cruelty charges against the parents, and they have imprisoned them, and put the children in foster care with a view to adopting them. Will the jury rule in favour of the parents? The Lord knows. This father’s day, I pray for this father who mourns for his wife and for his children. Give comfort to this father dear Lord; you know his suffering, and hear all his prayers and answer them please. Comfort his wife and his children, and all the extended family. In Jesus name I pray. Amen,

  16. I was really encouraged by this Christian brother’s response to Rev Stephen Green’s article on the Musa’s plight:

    John wrote:
    ‘After this week I have spare time and will be contacting people about the plight of the Nigerian family in the hope of gaining support for them . I am part of the Maranatha Community based in Urmston Lancashire. I’m hoping they may offer support especially since they have expertise and experience in taking up the cause where injustice has occurred.The community has members from all denominations and from many parts of the U.K . Check out / they have blessed my socks of and. sure you would be inspired by their vision.’

  17. matthias sunday says:

    Dear Apostle Musa,
    I say happy father’s day to you my good brother and friend. I remember one time you were telling me how the children used to run and be jumping all over you any time you returned from your travels. You said some of the girls will hold your neck, some by your side and some climbing you in different parts until all of them are all over you. That indeed show you were a loving father. Today none of them could tell you happy father’s day. No thanks to Haringey and satan infested social workers who like to cause anguish to families. Let me tell you, my friend, God mercy will triumph over injustice. You will soon be out of that hellhole and you will have the opportunity to embrace these lovely children again. I know you are a hardworking gentle man. You have what it takes to take good care of these children. No parent take care of their children more than you do. This I know. Please note that we are praying for you. The other time I have to organize a three days prayer meeting for you and Gloria. As you are elging to the last days of this trial, please keep hope alive. God will do you good. Haringey have tried to kill you but they cannot. Soon, you will sing a song of rejoicing. Please keep diary of all that is happening each day. After you return from the court just sit down, recollect and write down every thing that happened. We need those information to write the big story. Sing, dance, praise God, aknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ and keep witnessing for Jesus even in that hellhole. i will write to you again. Your friend, pastor Matt

    • I just posted this from my blog Blazon Cornwall: In the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray via @wordpressdotcom

      Blazon is a word the writer William Shakespeare liked to use in his writings. It means to blaze, to emblazon, to adorn, and when I set up this blog it was with the intention of emblazoning the Lord’s Name across the County of Cornwall here in England, UK.

      We were once a country here in Cornwall with our own Royal family. We are at the end of the British Isles, the little toe of Britain. You may have heard of Lands End Pastor Matt? Anyway, let’s believe Bishop and Apostle Musa and their children, you and Your Church will visit our land and proclaim the word of the Lord?

      Dear Andrew Murray, the great preacher, who preached in Africa over a 100 years ago, says here in his book, the School of Prayer: The Holy Spirit brings our thoughts to life!

      Nothing is impossible when you think with our Beloved. Yesterday I was listening to Max Mclean reading from Song of Songs, starting at chapter one and continuing. Oh…..Beloved, speak the words of Song of Songs to Your beloved Bride Gloria and Chiwar today……..I believe Lord, as you cared for young Samuel when he was away from his parents, You will care for the Musa children.

      Gloria said in her sermon, the one I transcribed a while ago: ‘Do not believe the report of man, but believe the report of God!’ Amen Gloria. I believe the report of God.

      Pastor Matt, with our Beloved’s help, I would like to set up a prayer blog for our Musa brethren, and then copy the prayers others have prayed onto that blog. I belong to a prayer board in America, but for those not familiar with the prayer board, it is not easy to access. Those of us who have been on that prayer board for many years are used to it now. We have been posting our prayers their for the Musas, and then friends email me prayers too. We can continue to publish our prayers here as well, of course. You lead dear Lord, as we want everything we do to be according to Your will. Amen.

  18. You know as I read this Pastor Matt, I could just picture in my mind those beautiful children clambering over their daddy. I wonder what they thought today father’s day? I am sure their memories of their daddy were wonderful ones. The spirit is so powerful and we’re told in scripture they cannot break our spirit. The spirit is pure and the truth lies therein. The children know the truth, and the truth will come to the fore. The truth is like the sun in the sky….when the sun appears, all those dark angry clouds disappear, and there is just this glorious light. Jesus created the Sun and the Moon, the Stars, the Planets, the children, you and I, the jury in the court, the witnesses, the judge, solicitors and barristers. Nothing is too hard for the Lord…the Judge above all Judges! Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess Jesus Christ is Lord. Amen,

  19. I think the Lord has given us a prophetic word here:

    No one can snatch them out of My hand John 10:29 –

    I hope you are able to open the link and see the picture.

  20. See the Lighthouse in the distance Pastor Matt? Jesus is our Lighthouse. He is the Light of the World, and we pray His light shines on the Musa brethren now – amen?

  21. matthias sunday says:

    Dear Gloria,
    How was the court today? Again I could see through my spirit that you still cry in spite of the assurance of the Lord that ‘weeping may endure for a night but JOY comes in the morning’. Gloria I prophesise over you that you shall weep no more. The Lord will lift you up. Start to pray right now for those who have hurt and abandorned you and start to thank God. Gloria, let me tell you, you will carry that your little beautiful girl Elizabeth and cuddle her again. There shall be a restoration and recovery of all things. Be patient. Wait. None shall take your place. God will unite you with your husband and all your children again. Your victory shall be sweet. God will fill your mouth with laughter and joy unspeakable. Kisses from all of us here. pastor Matt

  22. I recall Hannah in the Temple and the Priest thought she was drunk, but she was drunk with grief for her child. Then all her tears and prayers were answered and nine months later she held baby Samuel! We weep…yes……….but one day Jesus said, there will be no more tears! No more pain…………….only laughter, joy………………………….and we know it seems as if this is a long way off………………but Gloria, Chiwar………..there are soooooo many…..yes…….sooooo many who know of your plight, and my prayer is: You will literally hear, see and feel the prayers in Heaven and on Earth, and Gloria as you said in your sermon: Let’s hear God’s report, not mans! Man (women) they are like grass and they wither, but the Word of the Lord will never wither. Remember what Jesus said: None will sntach them from My hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen!

  23. Jackie Holden says:

    Caryl Greaves: Jackie this is awful and it seems there are many Christians facing persection. Our country is in a mess, going totally down the wrong path. I pray for this family that the truth will come into the light and that this couple be released and re-united with their children. As we offer our prayers to God may He be glorified in this whole affair………………….

  24. It think it’s atrocious, there should have been no injustice in the trail, yet there partially was… And those children were probably suffering from it. Do they have any idea of the effect it has on their childhood?

    • You can’t find words any more for the utter criminality that is going on – behind the veil of ‘courts’ and ‘justice’.

      George Monbiot’s explanation of the upbringing of the elite helps to explain paedophilia, sociopaths and psychopaths!…

  25. Tim Bradley says:

    George Monbiot was educated at Stowe and Oxford. Is he a paedophile, sociopath or psychopath?

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