Just in case Haringey Council’s Legal Team is of a different Opinion

Gagged by Private and Confidential Delivery from the Legal Team of Haringey Council. I was tricked into accepting it – as I was told of a ‘package’ when I was expecting a hard disk! The woman ‘process server’ was clearly used to tricking people, as she had lied to me on the phone already on Sunday. But I am always too naive and trusting.

After I had received the original injunction order by email, I took all photos down, set oodles of pages to PRIVATE and thus thought I was an ‘order abiding’ citizen. After all, it’s one law for them, when they publish details about children they want to see adopted, and another law for us, who are supporting victims of violence.

Now comes this ‘order‘ with a stamp of 8th June, delivered today on the 18th, after the first attempt yesterday, on a Sunday. Just as with all the bankruptcies I’ve seen: no signature by a Judge, and who knows whether the stamp is a GENUINE stamp of the secret FAMILY Court.

At the same time, the open CRIMINAL Court had a note on the door that restricted reporting of the case to not mentioning the ‘identities’ of the children. Is the Legal Team afraid that the trial might not go Haringey’s way? Are they afraid the Jury might run into any of my sites, even though they are not supposed to inform themselves? Who is afraid of what?

A McKenzie Friend points out the very general wording “material and information about the children since the said order 24th April 2012”. So I’ll have to do a LOT of checking of posts, pages, sites and dates to censor my ‘material and information’, just in case the Council has enough money to pay more solicitors to chase me yet more, possibly into courts and prison… Who are they to tell me how to spend my time!?… They are ‘only doing their job’. Just like the Nazis. The only explanation I could find to explain to myself what happened in Germany before I was born…

Despite oodles of ‘material and information’ being available online WAY BEYOND my control, Haringey seem to believe that gagging me would make a difference.

Yes, I am biased: I am always on the side of the underdog. Of any  victims of fraud and white collar crimes: of children who will forever miss their parents and of parents who will forever miss their children, once forcefully separated. The Musa parents are in prison since 28th November 2011, for they are supposed to have abused their kids. These are the criminal charges before an open court.

I am also on the side of the 65,000 children who are in care and who stand 10 times the chance of being abused in care than at home.

And I am on the side of all the parents, grandparents and other relatives who are suffering from these cruel, inhumane and violent actions against families.

If Councils were not guilty, why bother shutting me and all the other parents and supporters up?

If the Judiciary were not guilty, why bother about secrecy in family courts? It’s Punishment without Crime, as Ian Josephs calls it.

And Jeremy Bentham said it over 200 years ago: Where there is no publicity, there is no justice. I’m afraid that dishonest money has led to a LOT of criminal behaviour, especially among those who are supposed to be public servants, it seems!…

First I was gagged by Swansea Council. I had no idea why or what for: WordPress just informed me. Since then, I met the mum whose eight children were taken and her case is in the portfolio of nine cases before the Education Select Committee.

Then it was Doncaster Council because of Vicky Haigh who is now in prison for an excessive three years. But she has her baby with her in a mother and baby unit!

Haringey Council was third to give me these ‘badges of honour’ which I cannot but wear with pride!

I have heard the judge in Wood Green Court 9 lie today about a false home possession. I have seen sooo many irregularities that one must think, we’re living in a madhouse.  Our only saving grace? Pray and meditate. What else is there?

There’s actually also my professional life with zest: software and science.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem: https://primenumbers.store/
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73 Responses to Just in case Haringey Council’s Legal Team is of a different Opinion

  1. Are these people British I wonder; I mean the ones who produce these documents curtailing our freedom of speech? Well, like our dear blessed Lord Jesus has said: Bless, bless and more blessings on those who don’t bless us!!! Rain down MORE love and light. Rain down Your Word dear Lord from Your Judges Throne….let every member of the judiciary in the Musa case be drawn into Your love and light. Amen,

  2. matthias sunday says:

    The Lord is saying that the Musas will be delivered from the mouth of the lion. This is the Scripture that Lord gave me concerning this case. Isaiah 49: 24-26. God’s word is powerful, cannot fail. The Musas shall be delivered from the hands of the Haringey Council and there shall be revival in Britain. We are in prayer.

    • Dear Pastor Matt

      I tried to send you an email, but it came back for some reason. I tried to explain why I had to take those comments down that reveal ‘information relating to the children’.

      I shall put page 3 of the order back so that you can see what my gagging is about. It was pointed out to me that page 2 contained details I should not have let people see.

      Sorry to cause you unhappiness while I learn how to be gagged!

      • I emailed you too Pastor Matt and it just bounced back. Could it be your email box is full? Email me on this address: jackie.holden@aol.com

        Let’s trust the Lord in all of this and encourage one another to stay strong in Him. I copied all our comments and saved them in a word document. I will share more later. Blessings in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

  3. Amen Pastor Matt. We must lift this dear mum’s arms up. Today, the second eldest has her 10th birthday…aw bless this little lamb dear Lord, and comfort her mum and dad whilst they are all a part.

    I wonder why Jesus said: ‘It shall be shouted from the rooftops?’

    You can’t contain the Spirit…you cannot contain the spirit of man (woman), the spirit that cries Abba Father!

    I know when John was on Patmos he saw Jesus on His throne and this is what I am praying for our suffering servants this day. Let mum and dad Musa see Jesus, let their little ones see Jesus. I see him high and lifted up and His train filled the Temple.

    So many saw Him! Saul saw Him and was converted. May Haringey legal team see Him and be converted. May those who give false testimony see Him and be converted!

    I receive your words regarding revival in the UK. I emailed you and it bounced back. Email me: jackie.holden@aol.com ?

    Blessings, blessings to Haringey……do you know Billy Graham the preacher held a Mission in Haringey and the people turned to Jesus in droves? http://www.britishpathe.com/video/billy-graham-starts-crusade I went to the Royal Hal Albert Hall and heard Billy Graham’s son speak about the Haringey revival. He said people were singing hymns on the tube trains, oh that they would sing again!

    Oh Lord Jesus, stir the hearts of those who reside in Haringey and we pray for rain….the rain of Your Holy Spirit on that community, on the Courts, the Council, the Churches, the businesses, the schools………………bless, bless, bless in Jesus Name. Amen.

  4. Words of Encouragement from the Preacher Andrew Murray, School of Prayer http://wp.me/p23A3j-1M via @wordpressdotcom

  5. Happy Birthday! Lerato Thabitha Musa born 19th June 2000 – https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1cQ3xipWs_XWlP2g4IJXokqX-L4LUE1h_AzdNlOgYeeE We are all praying for justice to prevail and we know our Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven is watching everything that is happening. He is the Judge over all judges and He will have the final word. Amen.

  6. matthias sunday says:

    Lareto Thabitha Musa born 19th June 2000. My daughter JOY was born 19th June, 2005! This is not coincident. It was preplanned by God

  7. Pastor Matt, we are celebrating my daughter Lisé Stephanie Kapembwa’s birthday today! She was born on the 19th June 1981 and she is 31 today! She is the sweetest daughter a mum could ever want! It was the photographs of those lovely Musa babies that made me think of my own two children. I remember my own two looking just like the Musa children – olive skin, big brown eyes and big smiles…..their eyes alight!

    My daughter’s birthday cake is out of the oven, and course as I am home preparing her birthday meal, I am thinking of the mum who can’t hold her daughter in her arms and say happy birthday daughter! I am not going to cry, because like you said, the Lord has plans, big plans, and He wants us to b e focused on what He has planned for this nation. He has chosen Gloria and Chiwar and their lovely children to bring us a message, like Jonah brought a message to Ninevah.

    The Lord will give back. He will reward each of us who suffer for His Names Sake. I am praying for every person involved in this case. Today I was reminding my friend about Stephen and how he prayed for those who were stoning him, and Saul looked on. Not long after sanctioning Stephen’s death, Saul encountered Jesus, and he repented and was saved! I pray the Holy Spirit and the angels even now will be hard at work ministering His word in response to all our prayers.

    Happy birthday to your daughter Joy dear Pastor Matt. Hey…..let’s agree together, none of us will give way to anger, wrath and whatever else the enemy would tempt us into. I remember Jesus was silent like a lamb to the slaughter (Isaiah 53)……we will praise like you said to Gloria, and the walls will fall down, and the glory of the Lord will arise! Gloria and Chiwar will arise in faith and they will see Jesus and He will tell them everything is going to be OK….for He has a plan and a purpose! Bless Haringey Lord…………raise up Your Preachers….let the Church in Haringey arise! Let God Arise!

  8. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Lareto Thabitha, Joy and Lisé, happy birthday to you! Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hurray! His preaching will turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers. Malachi 4:6

  9. matthias sunday says:

    I feel like crying. How could Lise, Thabitha and Joy have the same BIRTHDAY? There is no accident in God. Everything have been preplanned before the foundation of the world. It is the pains of Gloria and Chiwar that link us together, yet we shall surely rejoined and rejoice together. Happy birthday Lise, and huge huggs from all of us here.Happy birthday Thabitha and please dont forget you were brought up by Godly missionary parents. Pray for your mum. She like to laugh, she also cry a lot for the pains she has to bear for not seeing you Thabita. I remember when I will join her to go and buy pounded yam with okro soup and she will take it to Kent to eat together with the children. Gloria love her children. God is good. Oh Lord bless Gloria and fill her heart with joy unspeakable this moment. Father, let your presence be with Chiwar. Lord Thank you for Sabine’s resilience and Jackie’s love and sweet heart. Thank you Jesus, Lord renew the hearts of the judge and all the juries. We pray down revival upon Haringey, Hackney, Stamford Hill, etc. Let there be revival Lord. Open the floodgate of heaven, Oh Lord Let it rain. Oh LORD open the gate for your servant pastor Matt to go to London and spark revival. Amen
    Thanks Jackie for your love and care.

  10. Amen to every word of your prayer Pastor Matt!

    I have just emailed the Rev Stephen Green in Wales, and I have asked him if he will set up a Christian Trust fund to aid the Musas. I said I would like to make a small donation. I am poor financially, but every small donation adds up – amen?

    Pastor Matt, you must take a note of my email just in case the authorities take down this site: jackie.holden@aol.com I emailed you but the email you gave me did not work. If you can email me please? We must think ahead as we do not want to lose contact with one another.

    Once the authorities realise the Musas have loads of support, they’ll have to think very carefully about what they are doing.

    Do you remember there’s a story in the bible about a servant of God who thought he was alone, and then he saw this great army……I am sure it’s in the bible, or may be it is in a Christian book I read…hmm. I’ll ponder on this and the story will probably come back to my memory.

    I took a photo of my daughter’s cake, the one I made today, and all through the day the Musas were on my mind, and I know my spirit is continually praying for them. I know all Heaven is praying for them,

    We must keep the faith, and we must not allow the enemy to tempt us into any negativity i.e. disappointment, unbelief, doubts all that. I am saying these things to myself Pastor Matt. The late Pastor David Wilkerson spoke quite a bit about confessing and repenting of his unbelief, and he said he would ask the Lord to fill him with the gift of faith.

    So yes, we had three birthdays today! I pray peace, peace, peace, not the peace the world gives, but the peace the Lord Jesus Christ giveth………….yes Lord….Your peace for mum and dad Musa and every little Musa child, all seven of them. People say seven is the Lord’s perfect number. I told my daughter and son, their baby girl is named after our Queen. I just noticed her birthday was on the 11th June. I only saw the dates they were born yesterday. So, that’s two birthdays the Musas celebrate in June. This little one was two on the 11th June. Aww bless….two-years of age….bless this little one, and bless each one of them dear Lord we pray.

    Lisé 31 Today! http://wp.me/p23A3j-1W via @wordpressdotcom

    Children are a gift from God. I thank Him for my two gifts.

  11. This morning I am pondering on a lot. One of the things I am thinking about is the Stoning of Stephen, and this Punishment was ordered by Saul of Tarsus. A young angry religious man who believed he was serving God by killing the Christians.

    I know we’re told Saul looked on as they stoned Stephen, and I tried to imagine this scene in my mind this morning, how it must have looked.

    I know the writer paints an incredible picture for us. You know what I feel our Teacher the Holy Spirit is showing me?

    That day the angry, hateful, vengeful Saul saw LOVE. TEARS.

    I remember in February 1985, the Evangelist asked us: ‘Do you want to be baptised in the Holy Spirit?’

    I thought of Acts 2 and the disciples being baptised in the Holy Spirit, and quickly my hand went up, and my heart said: ‘Yes please.’

    I walked sheepishly to the front and stood beside the Evangelist and two or three others from the ministry team. I had never seen anyone receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit before, so I wasn’t sure what would happen.

    I laugh, smile, because just remembering the awesome moment, when they prayed, and it was as if I were transported to Heaven. The Holy Spirit came like a mighty rushing wind and blew me right down on my back, and when I opened my eyes, I asked the person who looked down on me smiling: ‘Are you and angel, am I in Heaven?’ The room seemed full of light and love, and I really believed I was in Heaven.

    Lord Jesus, baptised Your servants, Your friends, Your Beloved Musas afresh in Your Holy Spirit as we pray. Amen.

  12. Hey beautiful Sabine…..I was looking at your title: A Nigerian Family – Destroyed by Haringey Council – Gagged from Reporting.

    And the Lord’s words came to my mind: http://bible.cc/2_corinthians/4-9.htm

    I know in Gloria’s sermon she kept saying over and over, believe not the report of men, but believe the report of men – amen?

    I spoke with my friend on the telephone today, and her children were taken in 2004, Guess what? She asked if she could join in the three day fast which Pastor Matt is organising on behalf of the Musas. I think this will gain momentum, and I think others will join us in the fast. We don’t have the dates yet, but I know Pastor Matt will let us know as soon as he can!

    Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am still struggling with interpreting the behaviour and words of the ‘Legal Team’, Jackie!

      For my mathematical and computer logic doesn’t follow how children can be advertised for adoption but not written or reported about. What is ‘material and information’? Is it just a big great bluff, as they should know that I figure out that their order is false and fake?

      But the trouble is that they get away with it, as they will always find judges who sanction their behaviour. However, we have just discovered who is in charge of judges and victims will start complaining!

      I also wonder how many social workers and legal teams suffer from what they are doing. I still take heart from the one woman who got a lengthy suspension, for she refused to take part in child snatching.

      SIGHS and HOPES!!!

      Am not sure whether I can manage a 3-day fast, but I’ll try. Just on lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Used to go for 3 weeks on that and have the ingredients!

      • matthias sunday says:

        Sabine, no need for any interpretation. Keep those documents from Haringey legal team. They are part of your own story in this mega mystery that will soon be decoded by Jehovah the Man of war. History is about to unfold. Jesus is about to play His last card. Favour is coming to the Musas from above. Justice beacons. I hear the sound of abundance of rain. I see Gloria coming home with her children and husband. The mouth of the Lord has spoken it. The zeal of the Lord shall perform it

  13. Hehe…..typo, I mean, believe the report of God!!!!!!! Yes, believe not the report of men, BUT believe the report of God! We will Bishop Gloria, we will. We believe as God showed Pastor Matt, you will be delivered from the mouth of the lion! Amen.

  14. matthias sunday says:

    Enough is enough. We are taking the battle to the gate of the enemies. 3 days Fasting and Prayer for the MUSAS coming up from Thursday 28th -Saturday 30th June, 2012. For God to soften the heart of the Judges and juries in this case. We need many people to be involved in this divine assignment. More information later

    • Battle Talk, that’s what I like. I will spread the word Pastor Matt as soon as I awake in the morning. The Battle Belongs to the Lord…….I love the words of this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMZ8D6nTKhg
      In heavenly armor we’ll enter the land
      The battle belongs to the Lord
      No weapon that’s fashioned against us will stand
      The battle belongs to the Lord

      And we sing glory, ho – nor, power and strength
      to the Lord (2x)

      When the power of darkness comes in like a flood
      The battle belongs to the Lord
      He’s raised up a standard, the pow’r of His blood
      The battle belongs to the Lord

      When your enemy pressed in hard do not fear
      The battle belongs to the Lord
      Take courage, my friend, your redemption is near
      The battle belongs to the Lord

      Today my friend reminded me about another Christian family in the South West of England who have all seven of their children removed. Every time mum gives birth the Social Workers and Police are there to remove the baby from the hospital. It’s as in the times of Herod. Also think of Revelations 12 where that woman had to flee with her baby to a safe place. There’s something so twisted, so evil in all of this, and that’s why prayer and fasting is the way now. As you say Pastor Matt, it is a battle and it’s a spiritual battle. When lies come against truth, truth is always going to win.

      Goodnight everyone and sweet dreams, and Lord watch over Gloria. Chiwar and their little ones. Amen.

  15. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are really good days for me, and I have the few days prior to prepare for this very important time. Of course we will lift dear Sabine up to the Lord, and Belinda.

    Oh Lord, You see all, there is nothing You don’t see, and we think about You as You are viewing all of this, and we just say: Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. We know there is a plan and purpose in all of this, and the life of Joseph son of Jacob just keeps cropping up in my mind. He was falsely accused and imprisoned. He asked people to help him and they didn’t, and then one person did help him eventually. He must have come so close to You in that prison, having lots of time to think and pray.

    It is faith isn’t it? – letting go, and believing, trusting the King of the Universe is well able to take care of our children when we are indisposed? I remember a Christian saying to me years ago: Jackie, our children are only on loan to us. What did she mean?

    I think perhaps she meant, they’re God’s children; He’s their Abba…He’s the One who loves them more than we do. He created them. They came from Heaven into our womb, and He entrusts us to take care of them. The Lord of all can steer everything His way. He can cause people to think, feel and behave the way He wants, and so it is up to us to call upon His Name on behalf of our little ones – amen?

    We will believe – amen? We will trust in the Lord – amen? We will not give way to any doubts, unbelief and anything that is contrary to His word – amen? We will cleave to the Lord with every fibre of our being. We will not believe the report of men, but the report of God, as Gloria said in her sermon.

    The Lord has the final word. He is the Judge over all flesh. Every judge must bow their knee to Jesus Christ whether they like or not, and they will do so when they see Him. Saul of Tarsus fell to the ground when he saw Jesus and was blinded by His light. Then there were the two who fell down dead because they lied in the presence of the Holy Spirit and the Apostle Paul. Yes, the Lord hates lies. He hates false witness. He loves truth and righteousness.

    Lift up the beautiful Sabine dear Lord and don’t let the papers that arrived make her sad. Remind her of what Gloria said in her sermon: Believe the report of God not the report of men. Also, we’re to set our minds on heavenly things not the sad, depressing things of this world. So for Sabine Abba, I pray peace, joy and love….to flow freely through her being now like lovely stream. Amen.

  16. I love the photograph of Chiwar cuddling Gloria on this page. They look so young, so sweet, so in-love. Oh dear precious Lord, fill their thoughts with love, Your great love. Hold them in Your arms and cuddle them now, like a Daddy cuddles His dear children. Let them rest on Your breast and reassure them. When we’re in Your arms the cares of the world subside and we see ourselves as You see us. We don’t have to be anxious, rushing around in our minds here and there, trying to please this one and that one. We can just be perfectly still and restful in You. I pray dear Gloria and Chiwar will experience this peace and rest, and I pray the ones they love will experience the same too. Amen.

    I pray for Pastor Matt as he organises the fast. Guide his thoughts, words and actions. Draw all who You want to participate. Amen.

    I pray for the Court today and I pray everything will go according to Your will, Amen.

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  18. Here is the wonderful JOSEPH who was falsely accused of rape and imprisoned, but look what the Lord did with this man’s life: http://kj2000.scripturetext.com/genesis/37.htm This is just the background on the story and you can go on to read more….and the end of the story is truly amazing,
    and this is the kind of ending we are believing for our dear Joseph Musa and his gorgeous wife and little ones – amen?

    I am listening to Max Mclean read the story of Joseph right now http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis%2037&version=KJV

    Oh Lord….LIFT Gloria, Chiwar and the little ones into Your Glorious Presence. You said You pour out Your Spirit upon Your children, and their childrens’ children, and they would have dreams and visions of You. We pray for an outpouring upon the Musas now and we pray they will see You, Feel You and hear You! Be their comfort, their strength, their Abba, and be all that a Father is to a child. You are Abba and You never fail Your children. Amen.

  19. Oh dear, I just re-read the prayers and I have received such an anointing of His Spirit with tears! Oh my goodness, His anointing….there is nothing like it. I pray for this same anointing on all the Musas now…on Sabine, Pastor Matt, Pastor Stephen Green, Ann Whittaker, Joan Blackwood, Julia…all those who are taking the Musas to their heart now. I know all Heaven have taken them to their hearts. I know Jesus our Great High Priest has taken each one of them to His heart and like dear Jesus said: NONE SHALL SNATCH THEM FROM MY HAND. Everything Jesus said – says is true. Jesus never lies, and if He said no child will be snatched from His hand, then what He says is absolutely true. He protects and He preserves. He watches over His little ones. We do not need to be afraid. Fear is not of His Spirit, faith is! So we say no to fear and we say yes to faith. Yes, yes, yes! It doesn’t matter what report men (woman) give us, as Gloria said in her sermon: We will believe the report of the Lord.

    God’s Plan for you, 1 Peter 5:10, by Bishop Gloria Musa, 22nd July 2009

  20. I have a feeling the Church is praying for the Musas as my spirit is greatly stirred and this scripture just came to my mind and it’s as if I could see His feet treading the wine press as Isaiah said: http://bible.cc/isaiah/63-3.htm

    More of Your Spirit Lord because You know how we aught to pray now. We do pray for all involved, every single soul, pour out Your Spirit on all flesh so they see, hear and understand what the Lord is saying regarding the Musas. Amen.

  21. http://bible.cc/1_corinthians/9-9.htm Do not muzzle the ox the Lord says, and this is quoted in the NT too, meaning not to muzzle the one who speaks the truth and speaks for justice! We obey righteous laws which are set out by the Lord, but the servant of God cannot do that which is not right. We have to cry out on behalf of the innocent; we would be guilty in God’s eyes if we didn’t. Do the Judges, solicitors and barristers really believe they can fight God Himself? http://kj2000.scripturetext.com/psalms/83.htm

    • I guess we just never thought we might have to wake up to SUCH degrees of dis-belief and dis-illusionment: public authorities operating as criminals pretending to be ‘right’ and ‘lawful’!…

      Live, learn and Pray!

  22. matthias sunday says:

    We would not be bitter against Haringey. Let’s keep praying for them, their legal team. Jesus forgave those who crucified Him. Let’s pray that they would tender justice with mercy. Lets take whatever they do to us including the gagging as an act of God to bring the Musas into an expected end. Lets keep thanking God for the release of Gloria and Chiwar so this ugly story could close with a grand testimony. May the name of the Lord be praised. Lord we pray that the testimony of Gloria will bring sould to know the LORD Jesus as the saviour of the world. As her testimony draws tears and joy when she’s released, let revival break out in UK and other nations that have known God before but are backsliding. Come Lord, Jesus come.God bless the heart of Jackie today and let rivers of living flows out through her belly. Amen

  23. matthias sunday says:

    . History is about to unfold. Jesus is about to play His last card. Favour is coming to the Musas from above. Justice beacons. I hear the sound of abundance of rain. I see Gloria coming home with her children and husband. The mouth of the Lord has spoken it. The zeal of the Lord shall perform it. Heaven has given its command, release, release my lovely servants. Let their be an earthquake in the prison. Let the bounds of Musa and Gloria be loosed. Let the keepers of the prison be awake as they get the letter to release the innocent wrongly incacerrated. Let the sound of trumpet start to sound from the prison of Pent and Holloway. Let their be a revival in the prison. Let the prisoners be saved. Let the be HOLY Ghost revival begins at Haringey. The name of the LORD SHALL BE PRAISE FOREVER AND EVER. AMEN. Amen

  24. matthias sunday says:

    Thank God for MERCY………
    I stand condemned before the court of human justice. The odds are not in my favor. The judge is about to give its verdict – guilty as charged. My detractors are ready to roll out the drums, happy for my downfall. My friends’ faces are frozen, ashamed that they know me. As the judge prepares to give his verdict, MERCY – a friend of the court and the de facto judge – springs to his feet. He requests for the charge sheet and tears it into shreds. MERCY takes up the judge’s seat, sets aside the pending judgment, and pronounces me ‘discharged and acquitted’. Wow! MERCY rubbishes the credible charges and averts the certain judgment. Justice operates on facts, MERCY seeks the truth. Justice sees the past, MERCY sees into the future. If you fully understand MERCY, you must be a saint. Because, I don’t. But I love it when God demonstrates it. I am even not ashamed to ask for MERCY.

  25. Dear Lord Jesus
    I pray for Sabine this evening. Please remove all traces of worry and let her rest completely in You. Let her know You are watching over her. Let her get a decent nights sleep and may she have sweet dreams. I pray for Pastor Matt, for all the Musas and every one else involved in supporting the Musas, please watch over each and every person dear Lord. We look forward to our fast for the Musas beginning Thursday the 28th June until the 30th June 2012. We believe You are guiding us in all these things. To You be the glory, in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

  26. http://blazoncornwall.wordpress.com/2012/06/23/i-will-save-the-house-of-joseph-chiwar-musa-says-jehovah-god/

    Beloved…….I will always pray for you.

    Dear Lord Jesus, I pray for my dear sister Sabine now, and I pray You will speak into her spirit and breathe Your strength and power into her. May she feel as David felt when faced with Goliath.

    I pray You pour Your Spirit upon her, in her and let Your Spirit impart dreams and visions. I pray she will be like Your servant Jael http://bible.cc/judges/4-21.htm a woman spiritually empowered to do great exploits in Your Name. I pray the Spirit of the Lord be your strength and power dear Sabine.

    Here is Pastor Matt’s email, so you can ask him to pray for you: successnewsmag@yahoo.co.uk
    As you know we are commencing the Fast and Prayer for the Musas on Thursday 28th June to the 30th June. Pastor Matt was with the Musas when the it happened and he saw first hand. He is their loyal friend and who better to intercede before the Throne that their beloved Pastor? I know our prayers will be received. Jesus said where two or three are gathered in My Name, I am in your midst and whatever You ask on Earth will be heard in Heaven and I will grant your request. I know I ask for Justice and Mercy. The Lord will deal with the ones who have lied and given false witness. The Lord is Judge over all Judges and Juries and He will have the final word. He will have the last laugh as they say! I am reading Pastor Matt’s book on Divine Laughter and as I am reading it, I am really interceding for the Musas and for you Sabine.

  27. Someone is following the Musa story and is in contact with Channel 4. I can’t say anymore at this point. Just when I thought no one gave a dam. You see, we think the vast majority of people are asleep, but people are seeing, are hearing and DO want to do something Sabine!

  28. Re: Prayer for the Musas
    by Lee M from Florida

    23 June 2012, 18:51:08

    This ongoing prayer request is on my prayer list.

    The Lord’s strong arm of armor will prevail, and no one can interfere.

  29. Gosh, someone writing about Joseph. I felt led to share her words here:

    Hope For The Broken Hearted
    I try to read through the comments in response to things I post and share resources accordingly. There are many questions about knowing what God’s plan and purpose for each of us is. Well, that does look different for each of us. We don’t always see what that plan is as we are in the midst of our trials and pain…often it’s not known until we are much further down the road. But, rest assured, God wastes nothing in our lives. He will use everything for our good and His glory if we let Him.

    I have shared this resource multiple times in the last several months and I want to share it again only because I think it speaks to where so many of you are at. This is a teaching series by Max Lucado titled “You’ll Get Through This”. It’s all based on the life of Joseph. How many of us can relate to Joseph? If you’re not sure of his story, here’s a little snippet…

    Through no fault of his own, he is sold into slavery by his brothers.He rebuffs a married woman’s advances and in retaliation, she accuses him of attacking her and he is thrown in prison. He could have easily cried out “God where are you?” “Why have you not answered my prayers?” He surely wondered at times where was God through his suffering. What good plan could God possibly have…but then we see that God saves a nation through him…and it could not have happened if all these bad things had not happened to him.God redeemed him. He restored what had been lost plus much more. What had been meant for harm, was used for good and God’s glory…

    So we see by these example’s God gives us in His word, that often it takes years for a plan to unfold. One thing about God, He is never in a hurry. He gave Noah 120 years to build the ark. He waited till Sarah was 90 to give Abraham the baby he promised him…God takes his time and so we learn patience and perseverance to see His plan unfold at times…but we know that God does not EVER abandon us. He hears our cries and sees our pain and he promises to bind our wounds. So I am encouraging you today to hold fast to God’s promises. You may not see Him working behind the scenes, but rest assured He is. Please either listen to or watch these messages. I know they will bless you, encourage you and strengthen you as you wait for God’s plan to unfold in your life. – Debbie Kay

  30. My email to Pastor Matt just now:
    I was thinking of the Musas and the fast and in a vision I saw a big ball of light like the sun or moon moving very slowly in this direction towards the City of London. I can feel the Lord’s presence as I am writing this Pastor Matt and when I saw this big ball of glorious light, my heart said: Lord what is that? He said: That is My Presence Beloved.

    I feel I can’t speak Pastor Matt, my eyes are filling up with tears. Sometimes I feel the Lord’s Presence is just so awesome and I don’t feel I can speak because He is so awesome. I just watch in awe when I see such a vision as this. I did want to know why this ball of light has appeared near London, and I heard the Lord say: My Presence has come ready for your fast and prayer on Thursday through to Saturday Beloved.

    Pastor Matt…..can you believe this? The Lord is getting ready for our fast…..what can this possibly mean do you think? I think maybe I am getting this vision because you guys are praying over there? Whatever.,….I am just in awe of Him. I am soooooo in awe of Him!

  31. The Musas prayer: Psalm 39:12 “Hear my prayer, O LORD, listen to my cry for help; be not deaf to my weeping. For I dwell with you as an alien, a stranger, as all my fathers were.

  32. Lest we should forget…..

    Dear Lord Jesus

    Please come to the aid of Bishop Gloria and her husband Apostle Joseph Chiwar Musa and their seven children here in London, UK. Their test and trial is so severe, unbearable, and if it were not for You they would surely be crushed under the strain. We know you sustain us through the cruelest and most wicked attacks, and so those of us who know You as Lord and Saviour really weep from the depths of our souls for this blessed family. They are before the Criminal Court tomorrow falsely accused of child cruelty. We know they are not guilty of any such charges but the hatred of Christians who live by the bible is growing ever more stronger here in the UK The parents are imprisoned the seven children fostered. We have just been told the two youngest have been put up for a adoption. A devout Pastor from Ghana is presenting his testimony in their defense this week, and also we have organised a three day fast from Thursday 38 -30th June praying the Judge and Jury will be influenced by the words that Jesus puts in the mouths of those defending the Musa parents. Lord have the victory in this case, for Yours is the power and glory. Amen.

  33. —-Original Message—–
    From: Pastor Matt
    Mon, 25 Jun 2012 23:07
    prayer for the Musas

    Dear Heavenly father,
    We asked and pray for Chiwar and Gloria Musa that as this trial is winding to an end, they shall be cleared of all charges, exonerated, pardoned, absolved and acquitted in Jesus name. Because our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ have taken their place in judgement, they shall be delivered from mouth of the lion in Jesus name. We pray for heaven’s Judgement to swallowed up the judgement of men concerning them in Jesus name. Amen

  34. Prayer for the Musas – Yes! Haringey, watch out, a hurricane of LOVE is heading your way, the Love of God Almighty for His servants the Musas……let My People go, says Jehovah God, the God of Israel! 🙂

  35. I thought I’d be selfish and hog the board with news of the vision I have had just now. I saw the Courthouse and we were all outside, and….wait for it……..we all had tambourines (crying as I
    write this because of His presence), and the Court had not made any decision, and we were all outside having a party, praising the Lord so strongly….it was just sooooo amazing and passersby were saying: ‘Aren’t they a happy bunch of people!’

    The Spirit of the Lord was upon us. Lord, I have no idea what You have planned, but all I know is, You are doing something in the Heavenlies right now, because the joy of the Lord in me is sooooo strong!

    You know, when fear leaves you…….it’s like nothing can touch you……oh the tears of joy……..I just see the Musas……all of them reunited preaching the word of God to the nations.

    He said: None shall snatch you from My hand, what God put together let no man put asunder.

    How can anyone gag the servant of the Lord? It’s impossible. You can’t gag a spirit, hehe! Oh glory……we love them! Who? The accusers, yes! we love them! We love them because Jesus was crucified for them….that’s why we love them, and we forgive them. We do not hate and we do not seek vengeance.

    My specific prayer for every accuser is this: Lord Jesus rain down that love upon then, the way You did to me that day, and I was on the floor, unable to move because the anointing of love upon me….like an electric chair……….I had to cry STOP, STOP!!!!! Turn down the voltage Lord, You’re killing me……………………………………oh glory.

    Imagine going to one of the Musas Church services after this!!!! I will book my train ticket and will want to be in the front row! I pray they don’t head back straight to Nigeria…the UK need this anointing of love and forgiveness which the Lord can give us through their ministry.

    Mama and Papa Musa pray for mercy for the UK please; He will hear your prayers for us.

  36. Wise words. I pray Will Smith will be born again and all his family. I thought of Chiwar as I looked at this photograph of Will Smith: http://blazoncornwall.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/nice-words/

  37. Children are the apple of God’s eye…..watch this: http://www.godvine.com/Adorable-Six-Year-Old-Wows-America-s-Got-Talent-Judges-1678.html
    He preserves families and we’re believing for restoration of the Musa family – Amen?

  38. Can this be send to Sabine?

    My name is Pastor Matthew Arikanki Founder/General Overseer of Increasing Word Church based in Accra, Ghana. I came to London in 2010 where I met Chiwar and Bishop Gloria Musa. As preachers we start to pray together and since this is my first time of coming to the UK, they took me to few places in London and Bracknell and they made my holidays in the UK quite enjoyable.

    When they told me about the issue of snatching their children I was personally touched. The way I saw them they truly love their children and as successful preachers they can take good care of these children.

    Bishop Gloria is truly a woman full of the Spirit and the word of God. I remember we went to the house of a distressed woman in London where Bishop Gloria shared the word of God and prayed with her and the woman was healed.

    I believe these couple are true missionary and minister of the Lord Jesus and I appeal that they be set free.

    From where I’m writing this letter in Ghana and information from Nigeria, the news about this case is everywhere and it would be a good thing if the Musas are set free and all their children released to them.

    I humbly appeal to the Judges, Juries to temper MERCY with justice and please DISCHARGE THE MUSAS AND RELEASED ALL THEIR CHILDREN BACK TO THEM

    Pasto Matthew Arikanki

    P.O. BOX GP 20275



  39. Just watched the video again which you posted Sabine
    11 Year-Old Who Went to Heaven and Back Shares What He Saw!

    I also saw my mum in Heaven three days after her passing. I saw it from Earth….the ceiling opened up and there she was standing next to Jesus in Heaven 🙂 She looked so cute.

    Dreams, visions, heavenly experiences for all the Musas now………in Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

    Wednesday, 27th June 2012 17:31
    Dear Sister and everyone,
    The fasting AND PRAYER for the Musas start tomorrow. No one is under an law about timing. It is open. Our expectation and focus of prayer is that Chiwar and Gloria Musa be released from prison and all their children released to them. With God nothing shall be impossible. If you are reading this and you have not surrendered your life to Jesus and confess Jesus Christ and your personal Lord and savour please say this simple prayer with me because this a condition to participate in this fasting. Say ” Lord Jesus I come to you today. I confess that I’m a sinner and cannot save myself. I ask you to forgive me all my sins and wash me with your precious blood. I believe that Jesus came into the world and died for me and on the third day he rose for my justification. Today I accept you as my personal Lord and saviour. Thank you Lord for saving my life from hell. Amen.”
    If you have said those words out loud and clear I can assure you that you are born again. Halleluyah.

    From tomorrow morning, we are praying that the Lord will show mercy and allowed the judgement of this case be in favour of the Musas. Lets confess any wrong doing on their behalf.
    Here are other prayer points that we should be praying for them
    1. That Chiwar and Gloria be released from prison after this trials in Jesus name

    2. All their 7 children shall be released back to them

    3. Oh Lord let the host of heaven contend with the Haringey council in this case and let this children be released from their hands

    4. Oh Lord touch the heart of the social workers, police and let Haringey, social workers, police all come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ

    5. Let all those who worked against the Musas in this case become born again including the police, lawyers, judges, social workers

    6. Father, let the Musas returned from prison with their children

    7. After this release the Musas will never be taken back to prison again

    8. Oh Lord let the heart of the Judges and juries be in your hands and let their hearts be against Haringey council in Jesus name

    9. This case shall be decided against Haringey Council in Jesus name

    10. Oh Lord let your fear come upon the Judge and juries and let them decide in favour of the Musas in Jesus name

    11. Prov. 6:30-31 As this case is decided against Haringey Council for the pains and distress they have caused the Musas for the separation Haringey shall be made to pay conpensation to the Musas for them to put their lives back together again

    12. Job 6: 7-9 Oh Lord, let the Musas separated by satan through Haringey Council be brought back together again by Jesus Christ and let them be one happy family again

    13. Oh Lord, let Psalm 126 be the testimony of the Musas after this trail in Jesus name.

    14. Let all people all over the world start to use Isaiah 49: 24-26, 2Timothy 2:26,
    Proverb 6:30-31 to pray the above prayers for the Musa

    My big sister will be supplying other prophetic prayer…… she is good at that.

    Thanks and talk to you later
    your little brother
    Pastor Matt

  41. The Fast begins at midnight tonight.

    First scripture the Lord has brought to my mind:

    In Ramah was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not. Matthew 2:18

    Lord, You know…You know…You collect every tear in Your bottle…there is not one tear that goes un-noticed. The tears will turn to joy, they surely will. It is just a matter of timing and then there will be no more tears….no more pain…only joy inexplicable….

    Lead those of us who want to be included in this Fast and Prayer for the Musas. We want everything to be directed by Your Spirit.

    From the bottom of our hearts we thank Sabine for starting this blog. She is very precious dear Lord, and we pray she will feel Your presence now. May she know she is included in all our prayers for the Musas. She has stood faithfully beside them and You see everything. Amen.

  42. In Ramah was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not. Matthew 2:18

    The anointing has come upon me already, and our Fast for the Musas does not commence until midnight. I feel I want to talk to my Christian friends…so hence me talking to you now in this writing. I love you. I need to say this to you. I need you to know when I say I love you, I really do love you.

    I prayed and wrote letters to Anna Chertkova when she was imprisoned in Russia in the mid 80s. I never imagined I would be praying for Christians imprisoned here in the UK. Did any of us honestly think this could happen to Christians in the UK, in this generation?

    I am not some one who Fasts, so, this really is something different for me. But, I trust the Lord.

    It was dear Julia who told me about the Musas last year. I remember her saying on the telephone, and she said they were from Nigeria, and I am sure she said they were Christians. I remember looking it up on Google, and sure enough all the information was there. I looked at the photographs of this family, and I knew…these parents weren’t guilty of child cruelty. I knew these were lies concocted against them.

    If I had not been through what I have in life, and if I had not witnessed others who have suffered grave injustices, then perhaps I would not have discerned any of this in my spirit. You know my beloved…I can see now there was a reason for all my sufferings. I hated suffering the things I did. Oh how painful, and I know so many of you have had the same kind of tests and trials in your life. We have each been through the furnace haven’t we?

    I remember the first time I heard tell me He loved me…

    When someone tells you they love you, and they really mean it…you feel it don’t you?

    I love Gloria and I Chiwar. I have never met them…but may be I have met them. Jesus says I knew you before I laid the foundations of the Earth, and I knitted you together in your mother’s womb. There has never been a time when I have not known you. We were with the Lord and always have been with Him. One day we will not know in full; we will understand. How can we understand in this body? It is like our prison. When we are free from this body…

    I remember feeling so afraid for my children…those feelings of fear that come upon you, and you ache inside, and you cry…you want to wrap them in a protective armour; you want to shield them from all the dangers of this world. You would do anything for them…anything. You’d give any of your body parts to help your child…you would die for them.

    I remember back in the mid 80’s I belonged to Brother Andrew’s Open Door Ministry. There was one story that I don’t think I will ever forget. One Christian prisoner was in the cell being tortured. In the cell beside him was his young son. The torturers’ believed if they tortured the Pastor’s son in front of his eyes, this would break him and cause him to deny the Lord Jesus Christ, renounce his Christian faith. The father felt he could no longer endure witnessing his son’s torture anymore, then…something happened…the young boy turned to his father and said: ‘Father, do not deny Jesus please, whatever happens to me, do not deny Jesus.’

    Even now remembering this story causes me to weep. Out of the mouths of babes He speaks.

  43. http://www.worldchallenge.org/en/node/18498?src=devo-email
    Oh Pastor David, I hope you hear all our prayers for the Musas with Jesus and the rest of those who cheer us on!

  44. Yes, it is not in the numbers, it is about the HEART of yeildedness. Lord, i thank you for these precious ones, my big sister Jackie, Sabine, George, Diane, John, Anne, Stephen, Abigael, Lee, Richie and everyone that is participating in the prayer program, Oh Lord grant eacha and everyone supernatural strength and grace to go through it and let our prayer and petitions be granted in Jesus mighty name.
    Rejoice in the Lord and I say rejoice, Victory beacons the Lord rewards those who diligently seek Him.
    Bye for today. I need to get back to study and get ready for tomorrow prayer in the church starting from 9am
    pastor Matt

  45. Wow! How exciting, the Church are gathering together at 9am tomorrow for prayer and fasting for the Musas. Oh….this delights my heart to hear such things. I know the Lord’s heart will be delighted. Oh that a Church would gather together in fasting and prayer here in the UK….it will…………..one day. We need Pastor’s like Pastor Matt. Oh Lord raise up the anointed Pastors’ like Pastor Matt here in the UK. I can’t wait for the Musas to be out. I will get my train ticket to London to hear them preach. Lord, let all our amazing dreams come true!

    Bless Sabine…..my beautiful sister. Pour Your Holy Spirit all over her, flow through her, comfort her, be her strength and her shield. Infuse all who stand with the Musas. Infuse the Foster careers with Your love…let everyone bow their knee to You….Let everyone know the power of forgiveness and love in their lives. Let so many understand the gospel message. Amen.

  46. Praying this prayer now Psalm 94 🙂

    Psalm 94: 20 Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law?

    21 They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood.

    22 But the Lord is my defence; and my God is the rock of my refuge.

    23 And he shall bring upon them their own iniquity, and shall cut them off in their own wickedness; yea, the Lord our God shall

  47. Psalm 102
    17 He will regard the prayer of the destitute, and not despise their prayer.
    19 For he hath looked down from the height of his sanctuary; from heaven did the Lord behold the earth;
    20 To hear the groaning of the prisoner; to loose those that are appointed to death;
    28 The children of thy servants shall continue, and their seed shall be established before thee.

  48. Nigerian Christians outside the London Embassy in prayer. May they soon grasp what is happening with their Christian brethren here in the UK. Break the flood gates Lord, and let the brave defy those who defy the laws of God!

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  50. Robert Dooran says:

    Not many comments from their supporters since the verdict. Wacky Jackie and Pastor Matt must be too busy hanging their heads in shame.

    • Take a stand, and refuse to be controlled by the negativity of others. The enemy will use bitterness to defile you and everything it touches. You must set a watch and not allow disagreement and opposition to hinder My purposes in and around you. It is serious business for those who insist on defiling the atmosphere and quenching My Spirit, says the Lord.

      As an invitation to turn your negativity into positivity: if money is not your motivation, why do you waste your and everybody’s time slinging mud?

      You are not a victim, you don’t support victims. Why are you here?

      I suggest you either change or go away.

  51. JM says:

    Click to access 12-06-18-haringey-council-p3.pdf

    just to say either the link is broken or being blocked

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