Trying to Make Sense of Irrational Behaviour and Decisions in Court and News Rooms

English: Haringey Council building, High Road N15

English: Haringey Council building, High Road N15 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SEVEN years imprisonment is the sentence given today by a judge who should have disclosed that he is an ordained priest and a founding member of the Marriage Foundation. A whistleblower also mentioned that the jury was rigged… That’s how victims become criminals, while the real criminals occupy the moral high ground and get promoted…

It’s as if one can only understand the whole drama from the perspective of Haringey Council, the perpetrator. Otherwise, it just doesn’t make sense. Now that they got what they wanted, I feel I can set the site to ‘public’ again. Now they don’t need to be afraid of internet publicity any more…

Mind you, I must not publish anything about the children. Never mind how they suffer from not seeing their parents, as long as they brought money into the kitty and gave sexual pleasure to the son of the foster carers and / or other paedophiles. The family photos were ‘staged’, DC Sewart claimed!…

I never got an answer to my letter to Legal Services from Haringey Council which I wrote in response to their injunction order. For they can count on ‘the system’ of people ‘just doing their job’ – which is simply too strong for any individual to fight – whether it’s about a fraudulent bankruptcy or the falsification of documents aiding in child snatching.

Somehow, the whole thing wouldn’t be as bad, if it was ‘real’. But this cover up that we are meant to take seriously, call ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’ and possibly ‘moral righteousness’ is nothing but abuse of power and heartlessness, out of fear of losing one’s job, pension and, most likely, other ‘perks’… It’s so crazy that it is close to crazy making, unless one does find a way of making sense of irrational behaviour and decisions by all the people in all the institutions involved…

Unfortunately, the mainstream media are behind the irrationality. Actress Michelle Collins seems to use the occasion to promote her ‘doing good’, or is it DC Sewart of Haringey Police who masterminds also the PR of this case? In his summary, the Musas’ barrister pointed out how they omitted evidence to prove the parents guilty, but who cares when the system needs to protect its protagonists??? I am simply baffled at how far irrationality can go in Court and News Rooms. But then I’m a mathematician and computer scientist: rational and logical…

The press release is very strange indeed, inventing ‘evil spirits’ and omitting that the mother is an ordained Bishop and the father a Christian preacher, too. See They came with a mission, not knowing which one, it now seems…

On the side of reality (rather than fantasy):
Chiwar and Gloria Musa in UK Sentenced to Seven Years

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem:
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33 Responses to Trying to Make Sense of Irrational Behaviour and Decisions in Court and News Rooms

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  2. Robert Dooran says:

    ‘I feel I can set the site to ‘public’ again. Now they don’t need to be afraid of internet publicity any more…’

    Both this injunction and the one made with regard to the Haigh case were put in place to protect the anonymity/interests of vulnerable children. You should be ashamed that you have willfully broken both to push your own agenda.

    • Who pays you to push your agenda?

      • Robert Dooran says:

        Nobody, you have a flair for making wild baseless allegations that you are unable to substantiate.

        I don’t blame you for being in denial. If I’d spent as much time as you have defending child abusers like Haigh and the Musas I wouldn’t want to acknowledge their guilt either.

  3. Robert Dooran says:

    ‘SEVEN years imprisonment is the sentence given today by a judge who should have disclosed that he is an ordained priest and a founding member of the Marriage Foundation.’

    Why should he have declared this? Do you have a legal background? Or are you just making it up as you go along?

    ‘A whistleblower also mentioned that the jury was rigged’

    This is an incredibly serious allegation. Do you have any evidence to substantiate it.

  4. Robert Dooran says:

    ‘Mind you, I must not publish anything about the children.’

    Maybe you’d like to remove the pictures of them that are strewn across your many websites.

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  6. Robert Dooran says:

    Why are the links that I posted yesterday with pictures of the children still visible? Please remove them immediately; you are breaching a court order. Victims of child abuse have a legal right to anonymity.

  7. jeremy kingsnorth says:

    robert dooran……who are you

  8. Macy SAM says:

    I am surprised with the court decision giving the servant of God seven years imprisonment without pointing the crime they have committed. One thing is certain whatever a man sow, he shall reap it, either here on earth or hell. God placed us in that position to defend people and preserve lives and not to harm. Judge you should understand that life is like market when day break you see people going there to buy and sell and the end of day night comes every body back to his/her home. Remember the chief Judge is watching and listening to all conversation in secret or public. We shall give account of our service be ye christian or Muslim.

    • You can only be surprised, dear Macy Sam, because you don’t know how hypocritical the system is in the UK. It is extremely sad that, after years of observation, I have had to come to the following conclusions:

      1. The Rule of Money has replaced the Rule of Law

      2. People rather commit crimes to protect each other than admit to their mistakes

      3. Institutions and ‘authorities’ become less and less credible

      4. My former husband used to say that whatever organisation the Government sets up, it achieves the opposite. After YEARS of watching, this is sadly true…

      Yes, it’s all about choosing which side we are on!

      With many thanks for your comment,


    • Robert Dooran says:

      I knew that one of their supporters would crawl out of the woodwork eventually.

      ‘May this great God who is listening to me, this God who surely cannot have been born of a virgin, or have died on the gallows, or be eaten in a piece of dough, or have inspired books filled with contradictions, madness, and horror — may this God, creator of all worlds, have pity on this sect of Christians who blaspheme him!’


  9. Robert Dooran says:

    ‘People rather commit crimes to protect each other than admit to their mistakes’

    Physician, heal thyself.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Robert Dooran is very suspect. I think he must be a friendless social worker

  11. matthias sunday says:

    ROBERT DOORAN: Rut Boy Bad End Rotten Tottenham .Dirty Odour Ombudsman Running Aghast Nonsense

  12. matthias sunday says:

    Robert show your true face for a fight. No need hiding under darkness. Thank God you know me very well. Chiwar and Gloria are innocent. It was all lies against them.

  13. matthias sunday says:

    Is this the end of the road? What about the appeal?

    • Dear Matthias

      The solicitor said they are still waiting for the answer to their request for permission to appeal.

      However, we are working on literally a ‘new dimension’ to the whole drama.

      Trust us to be worthy of your prayers!


  14. matthias sunday says:

    There is a prisoner swapping agreement between UK and Nigeria. Can this be of help since we know that when they are sent back to Nigeria they will be released immediately?

    • Sabine Kurjo McNeill says:

      No, I believe they will be transferred from prison to prison. But in Nigeria, it is much more likely for them to be given parole than in the UK – especially if, by then, we have yet more ‘out in the open’ about the number of kids that are being abused and in foster care AGAINST their will!…

      The Slovak Government has taken a remarkable lead.

  15. Please publicise this similar tragedy:
    Should the Family court be used to gag the family of a victim of paedophilia?
    A member of this family killed himself after being bullied into silence by the Family court.
    St John International in London last week decided to go ahead with Queen’s awards to the two serial paedophiles in their employ.

  16. matthas says:

    What is next on the table on the Musa’s case?

    • We can only hope that

      1. Permission to appeal will be granted

      2. In the wake of the general waking up of the country to PAEDOPHILIA as being the CAUSE for snatching children, victims such as the Musa will be freed…

  17. lordette says:

    Hi, I was so moved when I heard this sad sorry , pls I would like to know about it and how I could offer my help. Please someone email me, I’m a student and a believer.

    • Dear Lordette

      Offering help is actually only possible by prayer, organising prayer groups and by writing or emailing the parents.

      I Cc Diana who is working along those lines.

      Thank you for your empathy!!!


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