COURT 4 HEARING tomorrow CANCELLED – after a tiny victory in Court 18 today

This is just to let all of you supporters know that the hearing will NOT take place for the following reasons:

1) The Registrar had not been consulted on the constitution of the Court prior to the matter being listed ie he wanted to be in a position to approve the presiding judge’s appointment (ie the judge who is effectively in the position to determine the outcome of the appeal.)

2) Apparently the presiding judge who had been chosen had to recuse himself as his wife had had dealings with the Family Court matter.

3) In addition in the last few days the Appeal Court had received submissions from both Gloria and Chiwar Musa advising the court that they did not wish their current legal team to represent them, the office having also been contacted by Chiwar Musa to advise that he was in the process of submitting a 30 page document to the court and that this would have to be considered by the case lawyer before a decision was made on how to proceed. Continue reading

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COURT HEARINGS in December illustrate how the UK’s ‘child protection’ system is an international scandal

What a consolation that the Musas are not alone… If only the world knew!

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APPEAL HEARING on 06 December – with or without the prisoners? Court 4, 10.30. Be there, if you can!

The hearing is at the Royal Courts of Justice – The Strand – in Court Room 4 and we meet from 10.30 onwards.
You cannot imagine how bad the situation is for prisoners such as the Musas who were falsely criminalised after their children were snatched – without any paperwork – by Police and Social Workers of Haringey Council.

Just as the Portuguese Pedro family by Lincolnshire County Council, the oldest child was subsequently tricked into accusing the parents falsely! And then one lie followed the other, until crimes were committed to cover up crimes. 24 Lever Arch files altogether to keep lawyers and judges in work. Long live the people processing industry!

Harriet Harman MP admitted in Parliament that in 2006 200 people were imprisoned in secret. Sir James Munby has now directed that this can’t happen any more: No one should be jailed in secret says top judge.

You cannot believe it in the first place. Only by talking to people to whom it’s happened and by reading more and more of those who dare to come out – despite gagging orders with threats of imprisonment.

And then you wonder how to help anybody:  Continue reading

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COMING OUT – despite all gags – against all odds – outside Downing Street – and in Nigerian papers

Most parents I’ve met after their children had been taken are terribly afraid and intimidated. David Jenkins who lost 3 sons not. He is extremely active online, and organised demos in Cardiff and last year in London.

This year it was reported by Slovakian TV:
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STOP Forced Adoptions in the UK – one of many online Petitions to make a Difference

Stop Forced AdoptionsPoliticians want to know that there are ‘numbers’ out there. The Judiciary is not elected and independent of Government, we’re told.

When European MPs (MEPs) ask for 2,000 signatures to support our legal issues in the UK, we can’t resist the invitation, can we!?

So, I re-opened the Free the Musas petition and promoted The Secrecy in Family Courts should be lifted Now on the back of a new call for help:

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SAME CIRCUS, DIFFERENT VICTIMS: anonymous letter triggers reasons and justifications for child snatching

13 03 15 HaringeyThis story, published by the Daily Mail about Haringey Council, shows how an anonymous letter was the trigger for intrusion in the life of a family who was paid £2,000 compensation: Parents social service hell after one anonymous letter

In the Musa case, the Police appeared without any paperwork and an anonymous letter, found later outside the house, supposedly justified their actions.

In this case, Judge Anthony Thornton recognised the fault!

In the Musa case, which judge will go against any of his colleagues, we have to ask??? Continue reading

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Innocent and transferred to HMP The Verne in Dorset – for whatever Reasons

A 3-hour train trip away from London, plus bus or taxi – for legal visits on Thursdays and social visits on Saturdays or Sundays.

That’s where Chiwar Musa was taken ‘by bus’ yesterday morning, I was told by HMP Pentonville, where he has been held since November 2011. Pentonville is marked as “Category B/C“.

The Verne is a “Category C” clearly designed for more long term prisoners which Pentonville never was, they say. But I do wish I didn’t have to learn about that nor about everything else to do with  prison law as yet another reason for applying for Legal Aid, in addition to family law, criminal law and immigration law.

Please email him, send him letters, cards, newspapers, magazines. He is an intelligent man and he is as innocent as all the other parents whose children are taken to satisfy the greed for money and / or the need for aberrant sexual urges. Punishment without Crime is one way of putting it.

We are holding a meeting at the House of Commons on 15th January to address child snatching as one of the issues in online media but covered up by mainstream media.

He is registered as Joseph Musa and his prison number will remain the same: A2793CJ at Verne, if you use Email a Prisoner. HMP The Verne is at Fortuneswell, Portland, Dorset DT5 1EQ.

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The Second Christmas in a Cell – without Children and Spouse

I can’t tell you how much sorrow and sadness this Christmas card has been causing me, especially as I was told “you’re not on the list. The inmate made a ‘wrong booking.” That was when I last was in HMP Pentonville to visit the totally innocent Joseph Chiwar Musa whose seven children have been taken by Haringey Council.

Gloria is doing even worse in HMP Holloway where she suffers not only her physical pain but also from racism. I was told by a ‘cell neighbour’ who had been punished for helping her!

This ‘case’ is acknowledged to be the worst of all child snatching cases. And I wonder whether it’s also the worst of all cover-ups. Covering up crimes like snatching children is one thing. But to cover up such crimes in court, by rigging the jury and forbidding note taking in the public gallery is as suspicious as using the mainstream media for ‘whitewashing’.

However, we know by now that Child Snatching is one of Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups.

I wonder whether you feel like sending Christmas greetings via Email a Prisoner? You need to select the prison (Pentonville) and indicate the name Joseph Musa and the prisoner no A2793CJ. His wife Gloria is A2767CJ in Holloway. It costs 30p per email and you need to start with a deposit of £5.

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Trying to Make Sense of Irrational Behaviour and Decisions in Court and News Rooms

English: Haringey Council building, High Road N15

English: Haringey Council building, High Road N15 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SEVEN years imprisonment is the sentence given today by a judge who should have disclosed that he is an ordained priest and a founding member of the Marriage Foundation. A whistleblower also mentioned that the jury was rigged… That’s how victims become criminals, while the real criminals occupy the moral high ground and get promoted…

It’s as if one can only understand the whole drama from the perspective of Haringey Council, the perpetrator. Otherwise, it just doesn’t make sense. Now that they got what they wanted, I feel I can set the site to ‘public’ again. Now they don’t need to be afraid of internet publicity any more…

Continue reading

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Class Actions in Canada against Church-State Criminal Conspiracies

Where do we draw our hopes from, when we see

  • not just miscarriage but travesty of justice?
  • the judge not declaring
  • mis-informing the jury
  • misleading the court
  • lies under oath
  • institutionalised violence and dishonesty to achieve the one goal that is financially rewarded: adoption targets via children in foster care.

Whether in foster homes or with foster parents, children will forever miss their parents. But Social Workers and Judges care for their own agenda, their “interest of the child” is total hypocrisy.

In the larger scheme of things, here is

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