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HOW CAN ONE take this charade seriously? When judges deliver “justice” by covering each other

You must see it to believe it: this antiquated system of heartless people behaving as in Kafka’s and Orwell’s writing – ‘just doing their job’ as ‘professionals’, while we are all unpaid, but passionate ‘amateurs’; this utter pretence and show … Continue reading

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Innocent parents ‘to lose more children’ and other mainstream media links

What a relief to see more and more articles in newspapers! Thanks to the mother who was featured as ‘Katherine Simmonds’ in the Channel IV programme How competent are expert witnesses?, here is a great list of links: Do expert … Continue reading

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The Tragedies of Cornel Brown & Nicola Thatcher – video on children abused by Social Workers

This video was produced by Bill Maloney who is a survivor of abuse and turned into an absolute starfighter to promote the issues as presented on a T-shirt: Stop Child Abuse by the Government I am against Child Abuse Open … Continue reading

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