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COMING OUT – despite all gags – against all odds – outside Downing Street – and in Nigerian papers

Most parents I’ve met after their children had been taken are terribly afraid and intimidated. David Jenkins who lost 3 sons not. He is extremely active online, and organised demos in Cardiff and last year in London. This year it … Continue reading

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How Social Services are paid Bonuses to Snatch Babies for Adoption

As I am trying to help parents getting their children back, mainly by exposing their stories through publicity online, I have just discovered these Daily Mail articles by Sue Reid: 31 Jan 2008: How social services are paid bonuses to … Continue reading

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Council pays £1m damages for ‘shocking’ child abuse failings

Essex Council has paid damages of almost £1m to four siblings it failed to protect from abuse. This article was brought to my attention by Natasha Phillips who publishes Researching Reform in an admirable form – in close collaboration with … Continue reading

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The Tragedies of Cornel Brown & Nicola Thatcher – video on children abused by Social Workers

This video was produced by Bill Maloney who is a survivor of abuse and turned into an absolute starfighter to promote the issues as presented on a T-shirt: Stop Child Abuse by the Government I am against Child Abuse Open … Continue reading

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Parliament’s Education Select Committee investigates Child Protection

When John Hemming MP gave evidence regarding “adoption”, the result was on BBC News! This was especially good, as three days earlier the Sunday Express published Social Workers ‘sex up abuse claims to snatch children for adoption‘. A major breakthrough … Continue reading

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In the Best Interest of the Ideology: the Child Protection System in England, by Florence Bellone

The Education Select Committee launched an inquiry into ‘child protection’. Tomorrow, John Hemming MP will give oral evidence. This is the remarkable submission by Belgian journalist Florence Bellone who has accompanied many cases for a long time. Here she is … Continue reading

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How can Anybody take such Documents Seriously as a Basis for “Court Proceedings”??

I’ve seen it done by court staff, insolvency practitioners, accountants, bankers and lawyers before. That’s why we’re after a Public or Parliamentary Inquiry into White Collar Crimes. For the Government promised in its Coalition Programme to take white collar crimes … Continue reading

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Forced adoptions get no sympathy from the ministry

While loving families are torn apart, Whitehall insists the system is working fine, says Christopher Booker This article was published on 27 Nov 2010. Here’s a quick summary that is still entirely relevant today and also mentions the Musa drama: … Continue reading

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