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Just in case Haringey Council’s Legal Team is of a different Opinion

Gagged by Private and Confidential Delivery from the Legal Team of Haringey Council. I was tricked into accepting it – as I was told of a ‘package’ when I was expecting a hard disk! The woman ‘process server’ was clearly … Continue reading

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“In the best interest of the child”: 64,400 children in ‘care’ for £3 billion

It would be nice to have these kind of statistics in comparison with other countries. But anywhere in the world, statistics hide weeping children and pining parents on one side and Social Workers, legal teams, foster carers, contacts centres and … Continue reading

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Respecting the Contempt of Court Act 1981 in the Age of the Internet

Live and learn – as a German / Slavic web publisher – about the UK legal system… I’ve just set six of my blog posts to ‘draft’, for I’ve been advised what ‘the system’ might do, if I didn’t. In … Continue reading

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