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How Judges trample on the rights of children: nearly 900 a month are being snatched!

How judges trample on the rights of children – by Ian Josephs, former Councillor in Kent who publishes Forced Adoption It is not often that we hear a great truth being uttered on the Today programme, any more than we … Continue reading

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Why, oh why? Questions to the CEO of Haringey Council

Why do you continue sanctioning the Council’s case against the Musas, while social workers, managers and even solicitors have been changing from one false allegation to another? Are you aware that, among experts of child snatching cases, Haringey Council is … Continue reading

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Victims are being Criminalised: arrests have Moved from London to Africa

Unless you realise that the UK has become the police state that WWII soldiers such as Norman Scarth tried to avoid, you wouldn’t believe that protesters in Nigeria are being arrested by orders of the British Embassy… The real problem … Continue reading

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