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Deaths in police custody cut deep in the psyche of black Britons

While this Guardian article is not about the Musas, it is rather relevant, since Haringey Police officers are clearly “out to get them” – just as the black Mark Duggan. One has to ask: cui bono? Who benefits? who ordered Haringey … Continue reading

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Please do everything to get us out of this hell hole. We are innocent.

Mr Joseph Musa writes from HMP Pentonville: Please can you send me everyone’s telephone number. The police are coming to take us to Haringey / Hornsey police station on the 5th Dec 2011 and Gloria will be in on the … Continue reading

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Another African Paper Publishes the Musa Drama / Tragedy: the Worst of all Child Snatching Cases in the UK

Christopher Booker who wrote 12 Musa articles for The Telegraph so far and Ian Josephs publishing Forced Adoption consider this case by far the worst of all child snatching cases. After the publication of British Govt Detains Nigerian’s Couple’s Six Children … Continue reading

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Intimidation and Punishment of Victims and Witnesses

I am far from knowing all of the bullying, harassment and intimidation that the Musas themselves have had to endure. Their latest arrest was “only” the last in a long series of horrible experiences. But the arrest did not end … Continue reading

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First Maurice, then the Musas in Custody – all Three escape being Sectioned

Another False Allegation and Claim by Haringey Council and Haringey Police! On Monday, 19th September, the Musas were arrested for conspiracy to abduct their children, even though they don’t know where their children are staying, and don’t even know, whether they are … Continue reading

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Appealing to the Nigerian President on behalf of the Musas

British Govt Detains Nigerian Couple’s Six Children was published on 21 August 2011 by the Nigerian national paper Leadership. British Journalist Writes Jonathan Over Seized Nigerian Children appeared today, 17 September 2011. Interestingly, this article coincides with Christopher Booker writing … Continue reading

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