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WHO CARES when foreign children are #abused in #fostercare?

The question about foreign children is as rhetorical as about national ones, for the whole point is that the PURPOSE of #childsnatchuk is the facilitation of #childabuse by #paedobritain! I keep writing in ‘hashtags’ as Twitter seems to be our … Continue reading

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How you can help Stop Child Snatching in the UK

First of all, you may need to read about the problem on Vicky Haigh requesting her daughter to return. Then you may consider that the more children, the more criminal the lies invented by the respective Council and the more … Continue reading

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This blog is the result of the following court experiences of my endeavour to understand what’s going on in courts. I’m trying to help by putting my mind to most dreadful miscarriages of justice, unbelievable criminal activities, institutionalised cruelty and … Continue reading

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