If all else fails, pray! Prayers do work, as proven most movingly on this video by an 11-year old boy who had a near-death experience and returned thanks to his father’s prayers!

Here are remarkable contributions, with the most recent one on top:

Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in you. Psalm 56:3

Out of the mouths of babes, Jesus speaks

Friends strengthen one another in Jesus our Lord

Chiwar and Gloria in Court this morning – First Child gives Testimony

Bishop Gloria Musa and husband Chiwar imprisoned in UK for righteousness sake – Pray!

Remembering the Musa family in court today

Praying for the Musa Children as they attend Court to give testimony

God’s Plan for you, 1 Peter 5:10, by Bishop Gloria Musa, 22nd July 2009

Christians! Who will stand with the Musa Family?

Prayer for Lying, Corrupt Judges and Barristers

Lord, my heart is so deeply grieved for our Nation

With THANKS to Jackie Holden.

3 Responses to Prayers

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  2. Macdallys says:

    Father please arise for your servants and their scatter in the mighty name of Jesus.Cause confusion among their enemies and let them be scatter forever. Fights for your ministers

  3. dear god ,,,so many tears i have cried so many nights not being able to sleep so many days missed with my family alienated persecuted belittled slut shamed and my reputation and falsely adding things to my nedical summary notes sent my drs reports to usa without my consent my ex then posted them all over facebook ….without any evidence at all ,,,lied about and they act of false allagations and then left my kids with a convicted criminal ..for 5 weeks against the court order ,,,i hhave no faith in haringay at all they destroy woman and marriages they hire and pay for phycolagist and drs to examine u and class u as mentally ill ..known as gaslighting this is pure evil

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