MUSA LEAVE for APPEAL ADJOURNED until Friday 21 February – can we do more than pray?

Spin Dry vs. Leveson

Spin Dry vs. Leveson (Photo credit: dullhunk)

Three judges were sitting to decide what to do with the application to ask for permission to appeal the judgement and sentence by two barristers: Ms Raana Sheikh and David Owusu who were working pro bono. They are used acquittals and not having to appeal, they said.

Sir Brian Leveson of Leveson inquiry fame besides Mrs Justice Thirlwall and HHJ Lewis who mainly watched “the people at the back of the court.” Six of us with a seventh supporter coming at the wrong time.

It’s a strange situation:

  • the defendants don’t have an automatic right to be present;
  • a McKenzie Friend had informed the Court that Mr Owusu was sacked – he therefore could not speak on behalf of the father;
  • at least not before he visited him in HMP Maidstone. Hence the adjournment.

The December hearing was cancelled because the mother had sacked her barrister. But the Court insisted in her being represented by a barrister.

A new legal team could only be assembled once leave to appeal is granted.

Meanwhile, McKenzie Friends are doing their best to make sense of the situation until next Friday.


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3 Responses to MUSA LEAVE for APPEAL ADJOURNED until Friday 21 February – can we do more than pray?

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  2. Reblogged this on rainbow3spirit and commented:
    so, mr Cameron , when are you reuniting this family ??????

  3. Iv lost all my trust in this sistem being judges or PM I don’t have non what so ever they r all money 💰 making that’s what they all do ly an it’s amayzing how they get away with it I FEEL for this FAMILY but we r all helpless 😞

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