Five children were kidnapped from the Musa parents on 8th April 2010 by eight police officers, led by Sgt Kadiri:

  • a physical break-in by force – without any door bell ringing
  • without any documentation or court order
  • with all children screaming and everybody protesting.

At the time, the mother Gloria Musa was pregnant with her sixth child who was born in June 2010. Four hours after birth, nine police officers came into the ward at 3am when the lights were off:

  • seizing the baby from breast feeding
  • pulling her arms and legs such that she is still limping today
  • strangling Gloria until she fainted and was believed to be dead.

This baby was returned for ‘failing to thrive’. After all, mother’s milk is best, and Africans tend to be naturally allergic to Western industrial milk  and lactose. BUT: Haringey needed to find ways of getting the Musas behind bars. So they staged this drugging of the baby:

  1. a vaccination is supposedly required which, unfortunately, the Musas did not question at all
  2. the baby develops a temperature two weeks later
  3. at the hospital a whole operation is staged – to make believe that the parents DRUGGED the little girl!

So they get lumbered with criminal charges and get imprisoned on 28th November.

In prison, Gloria gives birth in March 2012, but the baby is immediately taken off her – violating the baby’s human rights besides her right to breastfeed.

I removed the family album of photos because of the threat of imprisonment, even though these papers are all ‘bogus’. But I have seen that the Police enforces them anyhow. So I need to be careful.

But here’s a one-page chronology of key events.

More on News Releases

The Musa drama has been called the worst of all child snatching cases by

  • Ian Josephs who publishes Forced Adoption and has helped people since the 60s
  • as well as Christopher Booker who has been writing about such cases for the Telegraph for years.
  • Signer 15 of the Send the Musas Home petition has observed stories for 11 years and has come to the same conclusion.

In my view, it is the worst because:

  • On 28th November 2011 they were arrested to be imprisoned in Pentonville and Holloway respectively – bail being refused on two occasions
  • The worst council: Haringey
    • Doncaster and Swansea are the two others I received ‘injunctions’ from, but ‘child snatching experts’ confirm that Haringey are the worst
    • The untold story of gagging orders was published by The Independent: 69 gags refer to celebrities and 264 to children and young adults!
  • The worst ‘case’:
      • First five children are taken without legal justification
      • Then a baby is taken at birth by 9 officers in hospital in June 2010
      • The eldest daughter was inappropriately touched by the son of the foster parents and has not been seen or heard since (13 months ago)
  • The worst crimes
    • Allegations of sex worker, child trafficker and children from different fathers
    • Allegation of drugging the baby
  • The worst cover-ups
    • Delay of DNA results confirming paternity
    • Delay of drug test results confirming that the parents did NOT drug their baby
  • The worst illegalities
  • The worst victim intimidation
    • Instead of being put before an open Magistrates Court, the Musas are being sent to a mental hospital
    • Their report while in police custody
  • The worst witness intimidation
    • Former driver imprisoned for 4 months
    • Five or six children taken from supportive mothers by Haringey Council
    • One mother fled to Ireland to keep her son.

66 Responses to About

  1. justiceforvicky says:

    The main problem with the system is that once taken into care, the authorities will never admit a mistake has occurred and correct it, probably because they fear the compensation that might be awarded.

    • Yes,

      Sadly that seems to be the case. It’s VERY important to know that ahead of time!!!

      • Anonymous says:


        Detectives have arrested a 26-year-old nurse on suspicion of murder over the deaths of three hospital patients given insulin-contaminated saline solution, Greater Manchester Police said.
        The woman worked at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, where police were alerted last week to a batch of saline believed to have been deliberately tampered with.
        The unexplained deaths of Tracey Arden, 44, 71-year-old Arnold Lancaster, and George Keep, 84, are being linked to the contamination, while a fourth patient, a man in his 40s, remains critically ill.
        “This morning, a 26-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of murder. She remains in police custody for questioning. Inquiries are continuing,” a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said on Wednesday.
        A police source said the woman was a nurse.
        Police said Tuesday they feared the suspect may still be on the site, where security has been ramped up in recent days.
        Around 60 detectives have been working on the case questioning more than 50 people at the hospital including the 11 patients who were affected by the contamination but survived.
        Hospital chief executive Chris Burke told a press conference Tuesday that staff were “shocked, horrified and angry” at the events.
        “They are alarmed that a place that should be for care has become a crime scene,” he said.
        “This is a criminal act, perpetrated by someone with malicious intent. We do not believe it could have been anticipated.”

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  5. Maurice Kirk says:

    Things around me are far worse than I had possibly imagined

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  10. mike says:


    Haringey in London is a place were children and mothers are killed by local authority.

    Human Right is being violated.

    Article 8, family life violated.

    Article 6 right to a fair hearing violated

    Children been drugged to loss their memory,sexually assaulted and Abused by the local authority.

    A place were parent are being tortured ,Assaulted ,humiliated.

    A place were children and parents disappear to avoid evidence against Haringey.

    A place were children are put in care with false allegations.

    A place were parents human right is being Exploited.

    A place were drugs are being planted on parents

    A place were mother have being dead for not been allowed contact to see their children for 4years.

    A place were parents are not allowed to see their children.

    A place were siblings are not allowed to see each other.

    A place were family are being destroyed.

    A place were children are abuse to death by the local Authority.

    A place were the innocent parent are been convicted.

    A place were mother was sent to jail for fighting for the right of her son.

    A place were false allegation is being made against parents.

    A place were children are being stolen to meet adoption targets.

    A place were mothers are Tortured to death by local authority to wipe Evidence and keep children for life.

    A place were the police are being used to assault ,abuse and tortured parents.

    A place were expert and professional are been paid to write a false report and destroy innocent families.

    A place were crime against humanity is being committed by local authority.

    if you are a victim of Rosita Moise ,Maria Foster and Haringey please

    send your name , address and story to the address below.

    High Commissioner for Human Rights

    Office of the United Nation

    Palais Wilson

    52 Rue de Paquis

    CH 1201 Geneva

    Switzerland .

    Office of the Prosecutor

    International Criminal Court

    Information and Evidence Unit

    Post Office Box 19519

    2500 CM

    The Hague

    The Netherland

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  12. Anonymous says:


    Friday, 30 September 2011, 22:51

    Sam Hallimond Esq.
    James Moore Esq.
    Paul Randle-Jolliffe Esq., as
    Freedom Advocacy & Law.

    As plaintiff(s) and representatives

    for the collective plaintiff(s) of the UNITED KINGDOM (encompassing ENGLAND, WALES, SCOTLAND and NORTHERN IRELAND).

    The Rt. Honourable Eric Pickles MP.
    The Department for Communities and Local Government
    Eland House
    Bressenden Place
    SW1E 5DU.

    The Rt. Honourable Kenneth Clarke QC MP.
    102 Petty France
    SW1H 9AJ.


    Re: Class Action against the FAMILY DIVISION COURT(S) and


    Sam Hallimond Esq, James Moore Esq, Paul Randle-Jolliffe Esq, for Freedom Advocacy & Law, representative for the collective plaintiff(s), sovereign in individual right as recognised by the Crown’s prior obligations, present fact, truth and claim for acceptance or protest before the Entire World.

    Our presentation of action requires international notice to be made available to the public, through all mediums of media, in acquiescence of Human Rights, ensuring the collective plaintiff(s) and other(s) receive remedies through judicial process for protection and remedies against the theft of offspring or what seems to be more appropriately titled as “State chattels”, through the apparent actions of the FAMILY DIVISION COURT(S) and the LOCAL AUTHORITY(S) of the UNITED KINGDOM.

    The UNITED KINGDOM has abandoned the plaintiff(s) and all extended families of the aforementioned plaintiff(s), and obligations of justice to all sovereign beings within the realms of the UNITED KINGDOM. This abandonment of legal and moral obligation voids authority of the UNITED KINGDOM, to affect any sovereign being.

    Therefore, we the representatives, having claimed the abandoned obligations to the sovereign beings of the UNITED KINGDOM, and have accepted the obligation to speak on behalf of the plaintiff(s) and all sovereign beings for the protection of our offspring, our rights and fundamental freedoms, and our physical and mental wellbeing.

    This will be undertaken within international authorities regarding humanitarian and criminal law, known to be obligations requiring recognition by the UNITED KINGDOM, FAMILY PROCEEDING COURT(S) and LOCAL AUTHORITY(S) encompassed within.


    1. The UNITED KINGDOM, and the FAMILY PROCEEDINGS COURT(S) and LOCAL AUTHORITY(S) encompassed within, have failed to;

    i. Prevent the systematic destruction of the individual family unit, by means of false allegation, perjury, perverting the course of justice, harassment and maladministration.

    ii. Prevent serious infringements of human right and fundamental freedoms of offspring, birth parents and extended family unit members during state intervention, through manipulation and reckless abandonment of domestic and international Laws, Statutes, Treaties and Conventions.

    iii. Preserve the rights of the extended family during both Private and Public Law, excluding options allowing continued access of extended family members with offspring, and denying obligation for keeping family unity paramount.

    iv. Prevent abandonment of fiduciary duties to protect and assist families and extended families during Family proceedings in both Public and Private Law.

    v. Consider the imposition on Public Funds regarding costings of Family Court proceedings to remove children to State care or adoption versus support services for families as required by Statute to ensure the continued integrity of the Family Unit.

    vi. Disclose any and all conflicts of interest relating to those agents acting for said organisations and consider possible ramifications as to the outcome of Family Proceedings Court cases.

    2. The UNITED KINGDOM, and the FAMILY PROCEEDINGS COURT(S) and LOCAL AUTHORITY(S) encompassed within, have wilfully and with aforethought to stated intentions:

    i. Sought to withhold information pertaining to individual cases particularly regarding material, recordings and running logs, before during and after proceedings, from the Respondents in those proceedings, here named as collective and individual Plaintiffs.

    ii. Committed acts of torture and distress, through action and inaction, against both adults and children in a demonstrable effort to alienate one from the other, dismantle marriage and force removal of minors in the wake of manufactured situations of natural parents’ incapability of maintaining themselves never mind a family.

    3. It is on the basis of the above and the fact that no blanket settlement can be agreed upon within the jurisdiction of the UK Courts at any level; the fact that no police authority will even consider the possibility that unitary authorities are capable of Crimes Against Humanity; and the fact that the Attorney General herself (Baroness Scotland, as was at the time of enquiry) refused a submission for the DPP to consider in private prosecution against the Local Authorities of the United Kingdom, that we declare the Property in question, that being the children of the United Kingdom, are to be considered contested Property.

    It is therefore requested and demanded that this document be taken as read and understood as a Lis Alibi Pendens, that such is clarified and understood throughout the UK Court System until such time as the Class Action is resolved to the satisfaction of the Plaintiffs.

    4. Therefore, alternative remedy is now being sought through higher judicial process at the Courts listed below. We would ask that this request for judicial action be accepted and investigated with all measures of justice, preventing further infringements of human rights, crimes against humanity and failings in judicial and local authority procedures and processes in the United Kingdom;

    International Court of Justice
    Peace Palace
    Carnegieplein 2
    2517 KJ
    The Hague
    The Netherlands.

    International Criminal Court
    Information & Evidence Unit
    Office of the Prosecutor
    Box 19519
    2500 CM
    The Hague
    The Netherlands.

    European Court of Justice
    Palais de la Cour de Justice
    Boulevard Konrad Adenauer Kirchberg
    L – 2925

    European Court of Human Rights
    Council of Europe
    67075 Strasbourg Cedex

    The Supreme Court
    Middlesex Guildhall
    Parliament Square
    SW1P 3BD

  13. Anonymous says:



    by Watt Tyler

    A former Rochdale Councillor has appeared before magistrates accused of downloading child pornography.

    Thirty-nine year-old Darren Pedley, who was a Labour Councillor for Balderstone and Kirkholt between 2004-2007, has been charged with 12 counts of making indecent images of children. The charges relate to incidents in October 2010.

    Mr Pedley, of Daventry Road, Kirkholt, appeared at Rochdale Magistrates court on Monday (19 September). He was bailed until Monday 14 November.

    Laura Jeffrey, aged 30, also of Daventry Road, Kirkholt, has been charged with 12 counts of possessing and making indecent images of children. She too has been bailed until November 14.

    The pair are banned from unsupervised contact with children under 16, banned from the internet and must reside at their Daventry Road address, under conditions of bail.

    According to Labour 25+

    Labour Party Darren Pedley also saught a job around Toddlers and Children as young as 4 years old Sandbrook Primary School. Labour25 Darren Pedley took it upon himslef to be the School Governor.

    Once again…. A Labour Councillor gets the job of being near little children and goes home to his computer with the intentions of downloading sickening images of children because he has been near children all day and it has aroused him sexually.

    Watt Tyler | 12/08/20092011 at 19:33 | Tags: New Labour, Paedophilia | Categories: New Labour | URL: http://wp.me/pB2VP-Qs


    See all comments

    Unsubscribe or change your email settings at Manage Subscriptions.

    Trouble clicking? Copy and paste this URL into your browser:

    Common Purpose?

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  17. I know we will conquer. Now I know the conspiracy of UK against Nigeria. We Will Win.

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  19. ladybard says:

    This is about a nation that I once held in high regard.
    It is unthinkable. However, I should advise that Irish governments have a long tradition of institutional abuse of children and of silencing advocates “Behind the Walls” of mental institutions, and there is little tradition of advocacy to start with. Or protest – unless it’s anti-Brit, then anything goes.

    Post 1916 the choice seems to have been feudalism rather than democracy. Well concealed, however.

    To take a nursing baby from his/her mother’s breast is an act of consummate cruelty and child abuse – whether its some pretentious csw, cop, or the creepy late Michael Jackson. Then again, he didn’t even give the poor neonate the chance to nurse.

    I pray for decency to be restored to my cradle country – at least we still have heroes like Maurice Kirk to prove that while we are struggling we are still undefeated.

    And where’s the EU/SSR in all of this????

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  37. Anonymous says:

    We thank you Sabine for standing by the Musa’s family you’ve been a great companion, words can’t express how much you’ve done and making sure u spread the news around. Your strength, time, finance, and whatever resources you’ve put in will not be in vain in Jesus name. Thank a bunch Sabine you a true role model.

  38. Joshua says:

    The white should stop treating the black like a fool we ev white in our country and their enjoying their right wht d U.s is doing 2 musa family is against human right wht is dat offence dat wil make a new born baby be seperated 4rm the mother this is wickedness in the highest order. If the U.S dont want a grastic treatment 4 her citizen in Nigeria musa and is family should be set free

  39. Janet Natina says:

    How can people be so wicked in this time and age,look how lovely these children are with there parents,and all they are after is to come in and take the children from them.I want to let the UK or who ever is in charge to let this family come home in one peace,if not we done to them what they are doing to the Musa family.How can we move forward in a country where u are being judge by your colour i believe if they are white it will not be like this.Sabine for all you are doing for this family God will bless you.

    • Many thanks, dear Janet!

      Actually, they do it to white families, too! Tonight I am smiling, because an Irish couple was told that they may get their kids back, if only they don’t talk to me and three other supporters I’ve been working with!… Victory comes in funny shapes and forms! Maybe we’ll get that breakthrough for the Musas sooner than later!!!…

  40. concerned says:

    The more Haringey council and those involved delay and make more drama and problems for the Musa family the worse it will look in the end and the longer it goes on for the more publicity it will attract in other countries in the world (via the media) until finally the truth will come out about what has been going on with this family and everybody will know about it.

    • This is EXACTLY why I’m doing what I’m doing. But the obfuscation and confusion are so deep and complex that it is difficult to ‘make points’ and to address them to the right people. Still, All we can do is keep trying our best!

      With many thanks for your comment,

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  47. Anonymous says:

    The name of Safeguarding midwife at St Thomas’ Hospital birth centre is called Geraldine Joyce BEWARE of this woman

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  58. Robert Dooran says:

    ‘I removed the family album of photos because of the threat of imprisonment, even though these papers are all ‘bogus’’

    There are still lots of pictures of the children plastered across your many websites. When are you going to take them down? In what way is the court order ‘bogus’?

  59. andy says:

    Based on the information you have entered, your household is not entitled to Child Tax Credit but is entitled to Working Tax Credit:-
    Child Tax Credit
    Your household is not entitled to Child Tax Credit because of the following reasons:-
    – The household must have care of at least one child who is under the age of 20.
    – Children between 16 and 19 must be in full-time education or on an approved training course or registered with a careers service, Connexions or similar.
    – Children between 19 and 20 must be in full-time education or on an approved training course. They must have enrolled, been accepted for or started full-time education or approved training before they turned 19.
    Working Tax Credit
    Working Tax Credit £2179.92
    This is based on your household income of £150.00.
    This is the amount your household may be entitled to from 17/06/2013 until 05/04/2014. This result is only an estimate and is based on the information provided assuming you make the claim on 17/06/2013. This means the amount shown may not be your entitlement for the full year.

    The amount may change when your claim is processed and in certain circumstances may be paid from an earlier date (up to a maximum of 1 month) where you (or your partner if it is a joint claim) satisfied the requirements for entitlement.
    To make a claim:

    You can order a claim pack by calling the Tax Credit Helpline on Tel 0345 300 3900 or Textphone 0345 300 3909.

    Back Help

  60. andy says:

    Children Screaming To Be Be Heard The Silent Witness Conference By Grandma Maggie Tuttle and Dad Andy Peacher.

    Andy 07827731060 andrewpeacher2013@gmail.com

    The Olde Barn Hotel
    Toll Bar Road, Marston, NG32 2HT Grantham
    Wednesday 4th of september 9 am to 6 pm.

    Do you Work with Children and Their families ? Are you a Parent who has children in care ?
    Are you a grandparent who wants contact with your grand children ? Are you a professional who

    can discuss ways of helping families and the parents to resolve any issues with in the family.
    Are you a child who has been in care ? Have you been abused in care ? Has domestic violence led

    to loosing your children ? Then please book your place.

    Please Share this Event on facebook,blogs,websites,media.

    ANdy Peacher 0782 773 1060


    We would Like to Offer You a free place at this Event Places are limited.

    Please email andrewpeacher2013@gmail.com should you wish to be a guest speaker and what you can

    offer the conference either Child Protection advice Or Human Rights Advice and how parents can

    work with social services to keep their children. We need counsellors.

    We welcome social workers, foster carers, their agencies, solicitors, and the general public.

    The Child Protection Conference This Year We are concentrating on The Support need for parents

    when children go in to care and support for children after care. & The Professionals Role In

    Safe Guarding Children And Helping Parents/Grandparents To Keep Their Children.

    Confirmed Guest Speakers FLORENCE BELLONE JOHN HEMMINGS MP Maggie Tuttle Grandmother
    Sarah Goodley Paul Manning Christina England Ian Josephs many to confirm.

    Grandparents/Parents Very Welcome and the public we have space only for 300 so please say you

    are going only if you are.


    We Need You Parents/Grandparents Who have Lost Their Children/Grandchildren To The Care System

    to tell us your story and to work with the professionals in child protection.

    Professionals Needed such as Midwifes Social Workers Firemen Police Nhs Whistle-blowers Doctors

    Teachers Solicitors Care Workers HealthVisitors NSPCC VICARS THE PUBLIC YOU ALL CAN CHANGE THE


    Please Sign the Petition.

    Children Screaming To Be Be Heard The Silent Witness here lies the truth a registered charity so

    children can have a voice. Please sign this petition for a monument erected for


    a) Died as a result of failures by the authorities or care system.

    b) Died Abused as a result of failures by the authorities or care system.

    c) Died Abused by the care system.

    Join Us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/146042885571608/?fref=ts

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