Booker Articles

Sunday Telegraph reporter Christopher Booker’s articles about the Musa family ordeal at the hands of Haringey Council:

1) 3 July 2010
Forced adoption is a truly dreadful scandal
Social workers are removing children from loving families without proper justification

2) 17 July 2010
It’s time to bring family law to book
Families are being torn apart by a system veiled in secrecy

3) 14 Aug 2010
Forced adoption: social workers’ surreal investigation recalls ‘satanic abuse’ scandals
In one ongoing case, social workers are pursuing the most surreal inquiries

4) 30 Oct 2010
Child protection: MPs must act on the scandal of seized children
Britain’s child protection system is off the rails, and only the politicians who built it can fix it

5) 27 Nov 2010
Forced adoptions get no sympathy from the ministry
While loving families are torn apart, Whitehall insists the system is working fine

6) 4 Dec 2010
Child protection: how a cruel council plays its cat-and-mouse game
One distraught family’s experience is typical of our warped system of child protection

7) 11 Dec 2010
Social workers’ cruel game with children in care continues

Why can a mother not be told her children are unavailable before she makes an epic journey to see them

8) 18 Dec 2010
Does this family have human rights?
Social workers persist in their cruel treatment of an innocent family

Quote from this article:

A council whistleblower has said that, at a recent case conference, the social workers admitted that maybe they had made a mistake, and that the mother they had falsely accused was in fact devoted and blameless. But apparently, because of “press interest” in the case, the officials agreed that the council could not afford the very damaging publicity which might follow if the unhappy children were reunited with their parents.
It was therefore vital that the council should continue to justify its actions.

9) 5 Mar 2011
Parents denied a voice in court against the child-snatchers

Lord Justice Thorpe was ‘aghast’ at the way children had been removed from their parents by a county court. But such outrages are an everyday procedure

10) 11 Jun 2011
The mystery of Haringey’s missing ‘Girl X’ makes a mockery of the Children Act
The family of a girl taken into care have not seen or heard from her for 10 months.

11) 17 Sept 2011
Couple denied legal help while lawyers make £1m removing their children
Their English is poor, they are reduced to tears by their inability to understand what is going on in court, yet they are denied help in presenting their case.

12) 24 Sept 2011
Police show themselves once again to be at beck and call by social workers
The latest disturbing developments in the case of a family who are battling to retrieve their six children.

13) 30 October 2011
Lord Justice Wall takes on an alarming child-snatching case
This seems to be a classic instance of the way social workers make a crashing initial mistake, then add ever more questionable allegations to defend their blunder.

14) 03 Dec 2011
Behind a wall of secrecy, parents who lost their children are now in jail
Lord Justice Wall has personally taken over two curious and troubling cases

Related Articles in The Telegraph

05 Mar 2011
01 Parents denied a voice in court against the child-snatchers
Lord Justice Thorpe was ‘aghast’ at the way children had been removed from their parents by a county court. But such outrages are an everyday procedure

28 May 2011
02 The real scandal hidden by gags is what goes on in family courts
The walls of secrecy surrounding snatched children are creating a one-sided justice system

04 Jun 2011
03 How our judges deny human rights to children taken into care
The right to family life – invoked to get a burglar out of prison, or a celebrity granted a super-injunction – is denied to many children

25 Jun 2011
04 Social workers see sense – it’s just a shame they’re not ours
Vicky Haigh fled to Ireland to escape her council’s social workers, but they haven’t given up

02 Jul 2011
05 A father’s nightmare
A bizarre episode involving a father’s separation from his children shows up our farcical law

16 Jul 2011
06 Child protection system tears two more families apart
Two shocking cases of children taken into care on the flimsiest pretexts.

30 Jul 2011
’07 Child protection’ wreaks havoc on a loving family once again
How a mother who fled to Ireland to save her baby was caught on her return

06 Aug 2011
08 ‘Child protection’ tears mother and son apart after 14 years
English social workers pursue yet another mother who had taken refuge in Ireland with her child.

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