WHO CARES when foreign children are #abused in #fostercare?

The question about foreign children is as rhetorical as about national ones, for the whole point is that the PURPOSE of #childsnatchuk is the facilitation of #childabuse by #paedobritain! I keep writing in ‘hashtags’ as Twitter seems to be our only hope, while Gloria and Chiwar are isolated in prison and separated from their children – by exceedingly irregular legal procedures. They confirm

But when I read about the guidelines by a Government that supposedly cares, I must ask:

  • why has the oldest of the Musa children not seen her parents since she reported having been molested by the son of her foster carers?
  • who did what about the second daughter having told her mum that they were taken to dark places at night where there were only men?
  • how strange that the boy asked:

Mummy, what is paedophilia?

Now that #childabuse has become ‘topical’, it seems time to join the dots such that more people realise 

  1. #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain since the establishment of the Paedophile Information Exchange Manifesto.
  2. The Forced Adoption scandal that shames Britain is the tip of an iceberg, as only 4% of children in care get adopted.
  3. The snatching of children is an organised and orchestrated system that has been involving Local Authorities through Social Services, Police, legal teams, courts, prisons, hospitals and schools for decades.

For more expertise regarding abuse, their victims and survivors, watch this video at a vigil outside Elm Guest House, one of the notorious places of abuse.

Vicky Haigh observed that foreign mothers are especially targeted, when she had been put into prison as wrongfully as the some 200 parents a year, as already admitted to Parliament by Harriet Harman MP in 2006. Sadly, the Musas are NOT an exception – but they are certainly on top of the worst possible cases.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem: https://primenumbers.store/
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3 Responses to WHO CARES when foreign children are #abused in #fostercare?

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  2. Hi my grandkids r being takin away from a loving family ss don’t want no us as a grandma I can’t have my grandkids they r only baby’s girl is trning 3 an boy is 8 months I’ve don all I can to bring them home were ever u go money talks to get my grandkids back I’ve kicked my son out because the ss have failed me on assessment ss told me he is livening wit u that’s y u failed but I told them his gane he don’t live hear no more but there not listen to me I’ve bean to court “yes u gessed it I’m NOT part off preceding ☹️ I’ve bean laid to by the ss an by the children gradian when there main intress should b for the children to b safe an with family not pay thousands to camplite strangers my grandkids r bing adopted by forced an there is nothing I can do I don’t no who to turn to I feel as my ❤️ is being ripped open an there is no one to help me I’ve been reading about this adoption thing an what I think off it 😡 I can’t put it in words I feel for those who have lost there baby’s how can they b so heartless do they not have kids of there own don’t they feel any pain wen making this heartless decision these people don’t even call the kids names they call them by the court number I was shocked wen the ss an children gradein said court case number 😱 Inseted of kids name Ian Josephs thank you very much for helping its a shame for family court in U.K. People don’t trust them anymore I’ve got more trust in other countries then the one I’m living in social worker “judges ” barrister ” law society “family courts an most of all the children 👶 are being let down by not hearing their voices parent r being gaged can’t talk to anyone I just can’t understand y when there children 👶 r being takin an they say y there is no trust in the system 😞

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