JUDGE SLAMS Haringey Council over most shocking case ever – but family is destroyed anyhow

14 07 06 TelegraphBlessed be Christopher Booker who has been writing about hundreds of cases in secret family courts regularly for The Telegraph and the Daily Mail. About the Musas he published 14 articles and feared that they contributed to getting them behind bars…

Here he brings us the latest story about Haringey Council’s attempt to even change the names of the two youngest children to get them adopted against the parents’ will – our campaigning efforts in Brussels.

In today’s article he summarises the observations of a judge who, at long last, does not rubber stamp what Haringey Council want. Now retired Sir Nicholas Wall had done so when he famously said that “professionals don’t lie”- after horrendous ‘evidence’ was fabricated with the aid of a hospital.

However, what adds to this horrendous legitimisation of criminal activities, is the continuously bad treatment of mother and father in their prisons: first HMP Holloway and Pentonville respectively, now HMP Send and Maidstone.

It is hoped that they will be released by the end of this month. That will mean deportation without their children. Just like with American Melissa Laird whom I met thanks to Gloria Musa in HMP Holloway.

What will they be able to achieve once they are in Nigeria? Well, the German tabloid BILD has picked up news from the Telegraph about the paedophile scandal in Westminster.

Maybe the house of criminal cards in the Family Courts is crumbling after all???

More especially about Gloria’s atrocious health condition on http://butlincat.wordpress.com/2014/07/06/telegraph-judge-slams-haringey-council-over-my-most-shocking-family-case-ever-christophe%E2%80%8Br-booker/

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5 Responses to JUDGE SLAMS Haringey Council over most shocking case ever – but family is destroyed anyhow

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  3. Macdallys says:

    The faithful who heard the cried of the children of Isreal in Egypt is on the throne. Thank you judge for your concern and fear God upon your life. God who built the women of Isrealites will also visit you and solve all your problem for fearing and you stood the true. We are looking forward to be seeing the Musa’s at home Nigeria. Keep on fighting the truth, you will long in Jesus name.
    Samuel Macdall

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