LIGHTS in the MUSA TUNNEL? Possible criminal hearing Feb 12 & secret adoption hearing Mar 19

The Royal Courts of Justice Sign, London

The Royal Courts of Justice Sign, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once again: real life tells far more un-believable stories than any fiction that comes from Hollywood. But fiction is meant to brainwash sheeple.

We are here to shine some light into areas of darkness that are too evil to contemplate, really.

If you want to join us at the Royal Courts of Justice in Court 5 next Wednesday, please check first on The barristers are asking for an adjournment, for they had only six days to prepare!

The hearing in March will be secret and coincides with us presenting our petition Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent to a special meeting of the EU Committee. Seasoned victims know that the scheduling of court hearings to coincide such that supporters cannot support each other, is part of the way in which those in power ensure that they are never wrong. See my latest post on behalf of one of the biggest Musa supporters.

Fortunately, the web and my computer have better memories than any filing cabinet of papers:

  1. one of the Musa supporters discovered that HHJ Patrick, the judge in the staged criminal case of fabricated allegations, is also an ordained priest, i.e. in ‘competition’ with Bishop Gloria Musa
  2. he was also a co-founder of the Marriage Foundation, together with Dame Butler-Sloss
  3. Dame Butler-Sloss is very well known among paedophilia experts and was President of the Family Courts at some time.

Here she apologises in the House of Lords for lying about Fathers for Justice:

And here’s the report after visiting Gloria in HMP Send where she is prisoner no A2767CJ if you want to write to her by using

Gloria didn’t look as painfully thin as I had been expecting her to look and was wearing a lovely decorative pink shawl. She is clearly still avoiding prison food but drank 2 cartons of Ribena and ate a bounty bar at the visit.

We also discussed her health issues including her continuing to bleed and to produce milk since the birth of  her 7th child in March 2012 although the latter must be continuing as a result of her expressing milk still. It is as if her body is still mourning the loss of the baby that was snatched from her at birth.

She is clearly still extremely distrustful of the medical profession and will not contemplate being treated whilst she remains in custody. She spoke of Haringey’s intention to have her babies’ names changed so that they could not be traced. Apparently Haringey had attempted to do the same but failed in respect of her elder daughter.

It sounded quite disgraceful that she is not provided with enough clean sanitary protection and has to wash things out and re-use them since being at HMP Send.

Also apparently she has only been allowed to receive one of the two sheets that were bought for her plus 2 pillowcases.

She said that the issue of not allowing her enough sanitary protection had arisen at HMP Send and that staff at HMP Holloway had allowed her as much as she needed and had in the main treated her better her attributing this to the fact that there are more black people at HMP Holloway both staff and inmates. She said that where there were issues about inmates being told not to help her at Holloway that this problem seemed to be worse at HMP Send with threats being made to inmates if they do try to assist her.

With regard to the issue of the wheelchair Gloria was very clear that the wheelchair bought for her by two supporters had been given to another prison inmate and that there was nothing wrong with it ie the foot rests did not fall off as alleged although she is concerned about reprisals if this matter is taken up with the authorities/ prison authorities. The wheelchair that she has been given as a substitute which she was sat in at the visit was tatty and threadbare and had definitely seen better days. Also the cushion she previously used when sitting in the wheelchair had been taken from her cell at HMP Send and had not been returned to her making it much more uncomfortable for her now that she has so little spare flesh on her.

In addition she has had food that she had bought confiscated from her cell plus her court files had been taken and gone through and not all of them returned. I advised her that Chiwar had had the same thing happen to him which she apparently hadn’t been aware of.

She also advised me that where she had been allowed to have family pictures with her, Chiwar and the children on her cell walls at Holloway she has been prevented from putting up pictures in her cell at HMP Send. She clearly felt that Send Prison staff had been unfairly prejudiced against her from the off and attributed this to advise from HMP Holloway and from Haringey.

As well as this she advised that she had had no contact with her mother for 2 years now and that she had received no communication from her siblings in America including her brother. I advised her that I was convinced that the moment he had offered to write a supportive statement for his sister I believed that he had been warned off doing so and threatened about the consequences of such a course of action.

Gloria reiterated the warnings her family had given her about settling in the UK and reflected on how true those warnings had been and how difficult this now made it for her to seek their help now.

We discussed the ruling re foreign national cases and Sir James Munby’s endeavours to reform the Family ‘Justice’ system. We also discussed Haringey’s part in everything that has happened.

One shocking revelation I had not previously been aware of was the fact that when Gloria gave birth to her boy in a prison cell at HMP Holloway almost 2 years ago now she had in fact been knocked out with something that was sprayed in the cell and therefore not only had Chiwar never set eyes on his youngest child but neither had Gloria because he was removed from her even before she came round.

She also referred to the people in the Serco vans who ferried her around for court processes or when attempting to transfer her to Downview and subsequently to HMP Send taking the mickey out of her for smelling because of the continuing loss of blood she is still experiencing since the delivery of her baby.

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