HOW CAN ONE take this charade seriously? When judges deliver “justice” by covering each other

The Royal Courts Of Justice - The Strand - London

The Royal Courts Of Justice – The Strand – London (Photo credit: nick.garrod)

You must see it to believe it:

  • this antiquated system of heartless people behaving as in Kafka’s and Orwell’s writing – ‘just doing their job’ as ‘professionals’, while we are all unpaid, but passionate ‘amateurs’;
  • this utter pretence and show at the expense of real [imprisoned] people whom they never see, let alone hear; in fact it is USUAL for prisoners NOT to be there for their appeals;
  • the preference given to cover-ups of crimes than to real investigation, actual evidence and proper examinations – first in family courts and then in criminal courts – most eminently experienced by Maurice J Kirk BVSc who helped the Musas as McKenzie Friend big time.

Sir Brian Leveson, the President of the Queen’s Bench Division had been replaced by Lady Justice Macur DBE. HHJ Griffith-Jones was just sitting there, while Mrs Justice Thirlwall DBE read out what she and the other judges supposedly had read and deliberated: there was NOTHING to any of the grounds for appeal that Barrister Owusu had masterly drafted.

Supposedly, all the papers before the court HAD been read… Our six-page Witness Statement, however, was not taken into account. We are not part of the Club. But McKenzie Friends have become a ‘talking point’ in the Legal Services Consumer Panel!

Regarding the verdict of ‘guilty on a number of counts’, the conviction was ‘safe’.

Regarding the sentencing, there was nothing wrong in either HHJ James Patrick’s ‘approach’ or ‘conclusion’ to come to seven years…

So, he needs to be protected at all costs, doesn’t he? Together with his co-founder Dame Butler-Sloss of the Marriage Foundation which names 34 other judges.

Why do you think judges get together to form this foundation??? How many couples have stayed together because of their activities???

Why is HHJ James Patrick also a priest in the catholic church KNOWN to be a nest for paedophiles???

Why are all these judges in Masonic lodges???

When will the great British Public realise that #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain???

As the remarkable blogger of the Coleman Experience about filthy Britain likes to write: we haven’t got a clue. Have you???

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4 Responses to HOW CAN ONE take this charade seriously? When judges deliver “justice” by covering each other

  1. No surprise here at all. I went through an appeal with three bewigged arrogant judges at the Court of Appeal myself a few years ago and genuinely believed at the start of proceedings that they had cared to read the court bundle. I was shocked to the core when I realised after just a few minutes that they had not even bothered to open the first page when the hearing opened. Five years of judicial abuse and a lost fortune later an eminent High Court judge apologised to me, by then a litigant in person, acknowledging this farce as a miscarriage of justice from the onset, and called my experience “nothing short of torture”. I have experienced horrors throughout these five years I would not wish on my worst enemy… and those in power never gave me a moment’s break to recover and gain strength. The late journalist Dina Rabinovitch once said (not in these words) that there are only two responses once caught up in the family court treadmill – either one allows oneself to be ground down… or one stands up, fights against the system… and is eventually declared the root of all evil which has to be destroyed at all cost. I cannot express my sadness for Gloria and Chiwar who were singled out to have their spirits broken from the word go and had trusted all the wrong people far too long. There is no justice in an unjust society.

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