It couldn’t have been more powerful: critique of Haringey Police and the British Justice System

David Owusu is the Barrister for Chiwar Musa in this criminal trial. This morning we were six supporters in the public gallery who heard and saw him perform in an utterly admirable way. It was most impressive to see how he interleaved

  • his appeal to the oath of the members of the jury
  • reminding the jury of miscarriages of justice, in particular the case of Sally Clark who was accused of murdering her two children

pointing out facts about the trial

  • the onus of proof is on the CPS: the prosecution has to prove ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that the defendants are guilty
  • it is NOT up to the defendants to prove that they are not guilty
  • the bizarreness of the trial starting with the events around what I call ‘staged drugging’ on 28th June 2011 rather than in chronological sequence
  • the production of 2000 pages of ‘evidence’ during the trial so that the defence team didn’t have the time to absorb it at all
asking questions about how children are supplied to sexual abusers and paedophile rings
  • that it all started with Michelle Collins, Indira Katalozzie and Alexandra Constantinou in December 2009
about the situation of the parents
  • foreigners without family support
  • stressed, fighting to get their children back from the council
  • responsible parenting by the parents who took their baby to the hospital as soon as she was handed back to them from care
  • the coaching of the children
  • the disappearance of evidence such as Favour’s letter and the notes of some critical witnesses
  • general ‘mud slinging’ as a justification for Haringey’s actions

that it’s all about cover-up

  • the inconsistencies of the doctors’ statements in the hospital in June
  • the lack of openmindedness, fairness and impartiality of Haringey Police
  • how they didn’t investigate properly
  • by not getting CCTV footage from the hospital
  • or telephone records
  • the Police Officer in charge claimed that the photos of a happy family before the trial were STAGED!!!
We were not allowed to take notes, remember? So I can hardly recall the 80 pages of notes that he spoke from – convincingly, persuasively, appealingly.
I couldn’t go to hear Gloria’s barrister summing up yesterday, but I heard lots of good comments about her, too!
On Monday, the very nasty judge will do his summing up, before the jury retires.
Let’s continue to fast and pray! In fact, David Owusu mentioned the word prayer in his closing statement, too. He ended with a joke with the punchline: things are not what they appear to be!

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem:
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8 Responses to It couldn’t have been more powerful: critique of Haringey Police and the British Justice System

  1. Jackie Holden says:

    I will continue the Fast until we get the verdict which we believe is already decided by the Court of Heaven 🙂

  2. Jackie Holden says:

    Praying for God’s David as he Destroys Haringey’s Goliath and Delivers Musas.

    Sabine, You have the tongue of a ready writer Psalm 45:1

    Just to encourage you, your prayers for the Musas have been forwarded to God’s David to fuel the fire in his heart! David needs the fuel of our prayers to pump up his spirit………..we believe and we know the Decision in Heaven’s Court has already been made. She says smiling 🙂

    Get ready to party next week, the Musas are coming out!

    Glory to God, Jehovah, Yeshua, the God of Israel….Lord Jesus! Yay!

  3. MTee says:

    Enfield is just as bad as Haringey. Racism now has a new unofficial definition because some black people conspire with white racists to do black people in. The most racist institution in Britain is not the police but the council, the school is second. Some black people should be ashamed of themselves. A lot of children of former slaves have totally forgotton where they came from. They are lost… They even control certain areas with postcodes, and bully the masses.

  4. butlincat says:

    This is the biggest load of old bull ive ever read in my life. Most genuine supporters know barrister Owusu is a Heringey stooge – along with his asst. solicitor underling Marcus. If this stooge Owusu acted so adimirably, how come the sexual abuse never came out performed on the Musa child in the trial? This was carefully avoided by all of the defence team always, What about the contact visit irregulatiries – of which there are over 40 occurrences of travel warrants issued by the council being void, and as for the actual contact visits many times the Musas would spend all day travelling for their children not to be brought to the visit, or only some of them, or the visit centre would be closed so the entire thing was a wste of time!, What about the missing medical records for the baby’s entrance into hospital in 2011? or the foster carers 3 months worth of missing records that she was sent away to get and reveal yet was never mysteriously got or shown to the court. All i can say is – the Musas were helped to prison by certain people – and those people are right in front of us posing as supporers = of that the evidence is overwhelming I may add.

  5. jaytee says:

    What is happening to the Musa family now. Have they been released from prison yet. This is just too sad. Being crying all day

    • They were given a sentence of SEVEN years!

      The solicitors keep waiting for the permission to appeal…

      We can only hope that the Director of Public Prosecution’s news about a ‘scoping panel that may take second looks’ comes into being soon!!!

    • butlincat says:

      We saw Gloria last week – Chiwar next week. She is being appallingly victimised in Holloway, and still has not received proper merdical treatments whilst in Holloway, eg for internal bleeding exiting through her private parts since the birth of her 7th [removed immediately] baby on March 9 2012. Chiwar also. I had to call the Home Office the other day to try and stem acute threats hes receiving whilst in prison. Neither Musa are receiving proper mail from outside. In fact most things taken for normal are messed up for them whilst imprisoned. Nobody in so-called authority resaponds or acts on now hundreds of cimmunications sent, many by recorded delivery, to them – especially MPs, but much is still being done by true supporters. Their defence team let them down unacceptably. Thanks for your concern.I will pass on your thoughts…..b.

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