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Family Photos cry 1,000 Words: Parents Punished without Crime – Children Screaming to be Heard

These photos are what is left of a family destroyed by Haringey Council – the worst that we had accompanied in terms of number of children taken: first 5, then 1 at birth in hospital and the last in HMP … Continue reading

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DEPORTED while children in care and up for #forcedadoption

The Musas were deported in a plane that was especially chartered for all Nigerians who hadn’t “made it” in the UK and were sent back… Gloria has been in hospital ever since but Chiwar has been able to send a THANK … Continue reading

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Trying to Make Sense of Irrational Behaviour and Decisions in Court and News Rooms

SEVEN years imprisonment is the sentence given today by a judge who should have disclosed that he is an ordained priest and a founding member of the Marriage Foundation. A whistleblower also mentioned that the jury was rigged… That’s how … Continue reading

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God’s Plan for You is Not to Let You Down, Not to put you to Shame!

The title words are taken from the sermon that Gloria preached in July 2009. Thanks to the magic of net-working, Jackie Holden transcribed the first few minutes – just for everybody to see where Gloria Musa draws her strength from. For who … Continue reading

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The Musas in Appeal Court – during Demo outside – with John Hemming MP

Association of McKenzie Friends assisting Litigants in Person with Lay Legal Advice http://www.McKenzies4Fairness.wordpress.com Chairperson: Belinda McKenzie Web Publisher: Sabine K McNeill; Treasurer: Peter Bellett NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                                        04 February 2012 Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts John Hemming MP opens 2-week … Continue reading

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Your story is not unknown! The world is watching and demands justice for you!

This is one of the phrases among many comments of the 416 signers of the Send the Musas Home petition. Five pages of comments cover the following areas: 1.      God’s Rights vs Human’s Rights 2.      Human rights are Universal 2.1. … Continue reading

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Appealing to the Nigerian President on behalf of the Musas

British Govt Detains Nigerian Couple’s Six Children was published on 21 August 2011 by the Nigerian national paper Leadership. British Journalist Writes Jonathan Over Seized Nigerian Children appeared today, 17 September 2011. Interestingly, this article coincides with Christopher Booker writing … Continue reading

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How can Anybody take such Documents Seriously as a Basis for “Court Proceedings”??

I’ve seen it done by court staff, insolvency practitioners, accountants, bankers and lawyers before. That’s why we’re after a Public or Parliamentary Inquiry into White Collar Crimes. For the Government promised in its Coalition Programme to take white collar crimes … Continue reading

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How you can help Stop Child Snatching in the UK

First of all, you may need to read about the problem on Vicky Haigh requesting her daughter to return. Then you may consider that the more children, the more criminal the lies invented by the respective Council and the more … Continue reading

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This blog is the result of the following court experiences of my endeavour to understand what’s going on in courts. I’m trying to help by putting my mind to most dreadful miscarriages of justice, unbelievable criminal activities, institutionalised cruelty and … Continue reading

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